The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir Audible –

Entertaining This memoir is at its most engrossing when describing the solid, unpretentious entertainments its author once made so well Wall Street Journal Hardcore film geeks will salivate over this time capsule from a grateful and still brilliant legend Booklist For aspiring directors, a glimpse into the school of hard knocks, but theres plenty of good stuff, lean and well written, for civilian film fans, too Kirkus Reviews Friedkins book does the unthinkable It relates the behind the scenes stories of his triumphs but also sees Friedkin take responsibility brutally so for his wrong calls He captures the gut wrenching shifts of a filmmakers life Variety Movie fans will celebrate the natural storyteller at work in the pages of The Friedkin Connection, a welcome reminder that it takes so muchthan talent to make a movie and to keep making them Associated Press Friedkins memory for the process of filmmaking elevates this book above the usual score settling Hollywood memoir film buffs will be pleased with what he offers here Publishers Weekly Friedkins against all odds success story is compelling reading from the start LA Weekly Filled with insights into the art of film and its practitioners and honest assessments of his work and the work of others in the film industry this is terrific stuff After reading it, youll be anxious to see all the Friedkin movies youve missed Shelf Awareness A fascinating appraisal and a reminder of how much of a maverick Mr Friedkin has turned out to be, willingly or otherwise Janet Maslin, New York Times Even in print, Friedkin still knows how to thrill NY, The Book Reader reviewThe long awaited memoir from the Academy Awardwinning director of such legendary films as The French Connection, The Exorcist, and To Live and Die in LA, The Friedkin Connection takes readers from the streets of Chicago to the suites of Hollywood and from the sixties to today, with autobiographical storytelling as fast paced and intense as any of the auteurs filmsWilliam Friedkin, maverick of American cinema, offers a candid look at Hollywood, whentraditional storytelling gave way to the rebellious and alternative when filmmakers like him captured the paranoia and fear of a nation undergoing a cultural nervous breakdownThe Friedkin Connection includespages of black and white photographs