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Good buy should be required reading for all gays probably a bit strong for heterosexuals but if you re really open minded you ll get some interesting things out of it. 1970 1980 Impassioned, witty and polemical, At Your Own Risk is Derek Jarman s defiant celebration of gay sexualityIn At Your Own Risk, Derek Jarman weaves poetry, prose, photographs and newspaper extracts into a rich tapestry of gay experience in the UK The buttoned up repression of the fifties and sixties makes way for liberation and free love in the seventies, only to be chased by the terror and pain of HIV AIDS This is Jarman at his passionate best, written when he was already ill with HIV and in the midst of the moral panic surrounding the AIDS crisis Defiant and furious, he not only celebrates his own sexuality but skewers wider society for its brazen homophobia Reissued hereyears after Jarman s death, with an introduction by Straight Jacket author Matthew Todd, At Your Own Risk remains a singular work It is a powerful reminder of how far we have come and how much further we have left to go