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Each house, like each place, has its own topography, its own lore A complex history comes down to us, through household jokes and anecdotes, odd family habits, and irrational superstitions, that forever shapes what we see and the way in which we see itBeginning with his childhood home, David Malouf moves on to show other landmarks in his life, and the way places and things create our private worlds Written with humour and uncompromising intelligence,Edmondstone Street is an unforgettable portrait of one man s life

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  1. Memoirs Memoirs says:

    Classic Wonderful example of memories and place Use it as an example in life writing memoir classes.

  2. Cornelia(CONNIE) MacErlean author of "Baggage" Cornelia(CONNIE) MacErlean author of "Baggage" says:

    David Malouf takes the reader on an in depth journey testing his memory of his first home, family and friends An enjoyable experience in which he not only recalls facts relating to what he had imagined to have taken in as a child memory can play tricks on the individual but he recalls facets of social change and challenges as well as amusing details of friends features and habits This ability to understand culture is taken further when he describes his experience In Italy Further life experiences are described in great detail and humour A delightful expose of certain periods of the author s life fascinates the reader to the end.

  3. Hewy Hewy says:

    Evocation of a different Australia Childhood memories of a home lovingly written.Then onto Tuscany and a different life.Why then India Too brief or was it necessary Although personal reminiscences of places, I longed to hear of David.

  4. Red Pepper Red Pepper says:

    Brilliant, as always

  5. Anne Salazar Anne Salazar says:

    Oh gosh I was disappointed in this book I had to track it down because I was really inspired to read it by my interest in all things Australian recently But. this is not an autobiography in any sense of the word it consists of bits and pieces of information about places where Malouf has lived over the years, and the writing seems almost flight of fancy I guess it s based on truth I was very disappointed because of ALL the fabulous autobiographical writing to come out of Australia This doesn t measure up by a long shot Sorry I hate to give poor reviews, but I also hate being disappointed in books.