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Samurai William The Englishman Who OpenedBeginning with Adams s startling letter to the East India Company in than a decade after he d arrived in Japan Samurai William chronicles the first foraySamurai William The Englishman Who OpenedNotAchetez Samurai William The Englishman Who Opened Japan de Milton, Giles ISBNsur , des millions de livres livrs chez vous enjourSamurai William The Englishman Who OpenedNotRetrouvez Samurai William The Englishman Who Opened Japan et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Samurai William The Englishman Who Opened Japan EnglishAchetez et tlchargez ebook Samurai William The Englishman Who Opened Japan English Edition Boutique Kindle Adventurers ExplorersSamurai William The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan ePubThe Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan, Samurai William, Giles Milton, John Murray Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous enjour ou en magasin avec % de rductionSamurai William The Adventurer Who UnlockedNotRetrouvez Samurai William The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan by Giles Miltonet des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasion Samurai William The Adventurer Who Unlocked JapanAchetez et tlchargez ebook Samurai William The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan English Edition Boutique Kindle HistorySamurai William The Englishman Who Opened Samurai William tells the story of William Adams, an English mariner from Limehouse, who landed in Japan inMilton, with a panache that brings the Jacobean Tokugawa world to life, recounts Adams s perilous voyage, his close run avoidance of crucifixion at the hands of the Jesuits, and his rise to the rank of samurai and bannerman of the shogun Alongside this we follow the trials ofSamurai William The Adventurer Who Unlocked Samurai William tells how, in , William Adams, an English seaman of humble origin, sailed out of Rotterdam on a Danish ship en route to the East Indies William Adams pilot Wikipedia

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  1. Frank Reibold Frank Reibold says:

    Im Gegensatz zu Clavells Shogun liegt hier ein Tatsachenbericht ber den englischen Seefahrer vor, der Samurai Dolmetscher des Shogun wird und eine japanische Frau heiratet.In Clavells Roman wird der Pilot Navigator vom Rest der Mannschaft getrennt und dolmetscht f r einen F rsten, der am Ende in die Schlacht zieht, um Shogun zu werden Er darf zwar ein Schiff bauen dieses wird aber von dem F rsten zerst rt, damit er Japan nicht verlassen kann Der Engl nder wird Samurai und Berater des F rsten und vermittelt zwischen dem F rsten und den portugiesischen Priestern in der Weise, dass die Interessen Englands sich durchsetzen Freihandel statt katholischer Monopole.In Samurai William stellen sich die Verh ltnisse anders dar.Hier wird der Pilot mit seiner Mannschaft in einem Hafenviertel angesiedelt, in dem schon Holl nder wohnen Er bekommt die Erlaubnis, ein Schiff zu bauen und in Richtung der Gew rzinseln heute etwa Indonesien zu segeln, um dort Handel zu treiben Nat rlich muss der Engl nder stets nach Japan zur ck kehren Der Samurai Dolmetscher berzeugt den Shogun er ist es tats chlich bereits , gegen die katholische Religion und die Portugiesen vorzugehen Das klappt so lange, wie Samurai William lebt.In dem Buch sind besonders die Missverst ndnisse zwischen Europ ern und Japanern sowie die Probleme zwischen Protestanten und Katholiken auf der einen sowie Engl ndern und Holl ndern auf der anderen Seite sehr interessant Es erweist sich f r die Engl nder immer mehr, dass sich die Niederlassung in Japan f r sie nicht lohnt Die Holl nder dagegen bleiben in Japan Jedoch f hren die Agitationen des Samurai Dolmetschers gegen die Katholiken und die Zwistigkeiten zwischen Engl ndern und Holl ndern zusammen mit dem auch bei Clavell beschriebenen bertritt von Samurais zum katholischen Glauben, welcher Loyalit tsprobleme schafft dazu, dass der Shogun das Christentum verbietet, die Europ er ausweist und einzig die Holl nder im Land beh lt allerdings auf eine winzige Insel beschr nkt.Damit ist die englische Mission des Freihandels, die sich zu Lebzeiten des Samurai Dolmetschers so gut anlie , gerade wegen Samurai William langfristig gescheitert Die Abschottung Japans sollte 250 Jahre andauern.

  2. Dr. Peter Deak Dr. Peter Deak says:

    Das Buch gibt genau das, was es verspricht ein historisch pr zise Darstellung des waren Lebens des John Blackthorn von Clavell, und den ganzen Hintergrund dazu Alles auf Dokumenten basiert, es ist ungaublich wie gut lesbar es trotzdem ist.

  3. markr markr says:

    This is an interesting account of the attempts by Europeans, particularly the English,Dutch and Jesuits to establish trading and religious footholds in Japan in the early 1600s it makes for entertaining reading throughout, with tales of shipwrecks, tropical disease, and culture clashes interwoven with the attempts of settlers to build trade and to enrich themselves.The parts of the book about William Adams, and his remarkable rise in Japan from imprisoned shipwreck victim to Samurai rank as personal advisor to the Shogun, were for me the most interesting, and I was al little disappointed that there was much less of this in the book the I had inspected There is much about the lives, pleasures and struggles of English settlers who attempted to operate a factory on the shores of Japan that there is about Adams life.Overall though this is is a very enjoyable book, which paints a clear picture of the inter European struggle for trade and converts in Japan, and the relationships between the various European groups and the Japanese hierarchies.I enjoyed this but would have welcomed information about William Adam s remarkable rise and influence in the Japanese court

  4. Sarugumo Sarugumo says:

    Samurai William recounts the life story of William Adams who was an English mariner who sailed to Japan and who became enraptured with the culture and customs of this intriguing land Adams is the man who James Clavell based his book Shogun on and there are many parallels between the lives of Adams and Blackthorne in that book This reads like a novel and I was surprised just how gripping and readable this was It has stories of sea life adventure, international travel and exploration, Japanese culture and history and life along the trade routes of the East India Company There are illustration dotted throughout the book which show various aspects of the book superbly Not only is this a fascinating history of a remarkable man, but it also a history of world trade during Elizabethan Jacobean times and afterwards As information on Adams is a little sparse this also covers general life at the time, as well as the aforementioned global trade and religious conflict in Japan, but this doesn t detract from the wealth of knowledge on offer or the enjoyment of the book at all If you have an interest in Japan then I d suggest you take a look at this and if you enjoyed Shogun then snap this up and revel in a tale of similarly epic and inspirational proportions.Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.

  5. Camelia Holley Camelia Holley says:

    Having just returned from Japan, I can confirm that wherever I went, the name of Anjin SAN, William Adams, was well known by all ages His life and exploits is taught in schools from Junior school onwards There is a statue to him in Hirado even though it is not certain what he looked like This book is very well written, easy to follow and very well researched A thoroughly enjoyable read.

  6. Dr. Peter decalmer Dr. Peter decalmer says:

    A wonderful book which explores a little known adventure it is truly gripping story

  7. Mrs. P. Smith Mrs. P. Smith says:

    Fast delivery Great condition book , Anyone interested in early Japan will really enjoy this book,

  8. JimAsh JimAsh says:

    Yet again another masterful work Giles Milton has the ability to inform and entertain you at the sametime He gives you a window onto Japanese and European history

  9. Ursa Major Ursa Major says:

    Classic adventure yarn, except that unlike your average fairy story, this tale is anything but a work of fiction A welcome reminder that the best stories are often those that have actually happened.

  10. Mr. G. P. Emsden Mr. G. P. Emsden says:

    Think the name of the above was Shogun, but this is the original and a very interesting story too You really were on your own in the far East and letters were unreliable Will must have missed his family terribly but his was an amazing life and shows Mrs Adam s as a feisty lady too.

  11. david wilson david wilson says:

    Good information and good maps.