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This is the first English translation of Michael Chekhov s two volume autobiography, combining The Path of the Actorand extensive extracts from his later volume Life and Encounters Full of illuminating anecdotes and insightful observations involving prominent characters from the MAT and the European theatre of the early twentieth century, Chekhov takes us through events in his acting career and personal life, from his childhood in St Petersburg until his emigration to Latvia and Lithuania in the early sAccompanying Chekhov s witty, penetrating, and immensely touching accounts are extensive and authoritative notes compiled by leading Russian Chekhov scholar, Andrei Kirillov Anglo Russian trained actor Bella Merlin provides a useful hands on overview of how the contemporary practitioner might utilise and develop Chekhov s ideas Chekhov was arguably one of the greatest actors of the twentieth century His life made a huge impact on his profession, and his actor training techniques inspired many a Hollywood legend including such actors as Anthony Hopkins and Jack Nicholson while his books outlining his teaching methods and philosophy of acting are still bestsellers todayThe Path of the Actor is an extraordinary document which allows us unprecedented access into the life, times, mind and soul of a truly extraordinary man

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    the best book for actor so far

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    For the ones who like Michael Chekhov this book is a MUST I also recommend Cynthia Ashperger s The Rhythm of Space and the Sound of Time.