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An exciting collection of original interviews with the infamously outspoken director of Short CutsFrom Nashville to The Player to Gosford Park, Robert Altman s irreverent, iconoclastic style has palpably altered the landscape of American cinema Cited as an influence by such envelope pushing directors as Spike Jonze and P T Anderson, Altman has created a genre all his own, notable for its improvised, overlapping dialogue and creative cinematography One of the key moviemakers of the s commonly considered the heyday of American film Altman s irrepressible combination of unorthodox vision and style is most clearly evidenced in the fourteen movies he released across that decade By fine tuning his talent in a diverse array of genres, including westerns, thrillers, and loopy, absurdist comedies all subtly altered to fit his signature m tier he cemented his place as one of our most esteemed directorsIn these conversations with David Thompson, Altman reflects on his start in industrial filmmaking, as well as his tenure in television directing Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Bonanza, and his big break in feature films as the director of the enormously popular M A S H, a project for which he was the last possible resort behind fourteen other directors The resulting portrait reveals a quixotic man whose films continue to delight and challenge audiences, both in the United States and beyond

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  1. Patty O'Heeter Patty O'Heeter says:

    Another excellent entry in Faber incredibly, a board game was produced in anticipation of the film becoming a hit, which somehow seems to sum up the career of a unique talent that Hollywood never really understood but knew they couldn t ignore Recommended.

  2. KasaC KasaC says:

    Robert Altman s maverick approach to filmmaking can be summed up in a quote from this book Hollywood sells shoes I make gloves I ve loved his movies ever since M A S H, and his were the first I would go to the theater no VCRs in those days to see than once Loved the insights and descriptions of everything from financial wrangling to script development to casting Also his choice of locations, which gave his films of an authentic look I can t say I loved all his movies e.g., Pret a Porte, Dr T and the Woman, both of which he held particular fondness for , but I felt he could be forgiven since he was responsible for some of my favorites Short Cuts, Three Women, Cookie s Fortune, MASH, Gosford Park, and most notably, Nashville.

  3. True Friend/Truffaut True Friend/Truffaut says:

    Really fine collection of interviews with America s finest filmmaker the ma, essentially, in his own words.Highly recommended

  4. Mr. Vazrik Der-sahakian Mr. Vazrik Der-sahakian says:

    Witty Smart Lively Entertaining.

  5. marcus ross marcus ross says:

    i received the book in great condition, and in a short amount of time, the only complaint here is that we no longer get to see any new Altman films