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In a facsimile of a handwritten leather bound journal, Pierre Berg , the longtime partner of Yves Saint Laurent, remembers their life together in Morocco, offering a rare glimpse into the personal life of the celebrated designer.

6 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent: a Moroccan Passion

  1. bracey99@yahoo.com bracey99@yahoo.com says:

    For those who are fashion addict, but not only for the trends, this book is a must have In a group of very representative photos you will find a good summary of his work One jewel, Mister Berg , former Yves Saint Laurent Couture President and close friend of him introduce the book with the conviction of somebody who was with him since the begining I love it.

  2. A. Rucker A. Rucker says:

    If you are a fan of Yves Saint LAurent, and his work especially around that period of fashion during the 80 89 years, when not only Yves SAint Laurent but Karl Lagerfeld for chole , Mugler, Montana, etc, had runway shows that blew everyone away with Iman, Pat Cleveland, Amalia, Violetta,Kirat, Jerry Hall, Mounia, Sayoko, Anna Bayle, Sadiye, Dalma, and others all superstar runway models.And if you recognize any of these models then get this book Roxanne Lowit photos of the backstage action is wonderful You really get the see the craftsmanship, the elegance , the beauty of Yves Saint Laurent Great book for collectors of fashion, get it I hadn t realized that with the purchsaeof this book , I now have 6 books about Yves Saint Laurent , so trust me on this one LOL

  3. Elliott Elliott says:

    Even though this book is only 90 pages, I was expecting there to be a lot writing memoirs then there actually were Only about 7 pages were writing, which were essays focusing on Yves Saint Laurent s work rather than as a person The rest of the pages are pictures Despite this not being what I expected, the pictures are incredibly enough to make up for it There are pictures of his most famous designs but also of him working, posing, lounging, etc So if you re looking for a book of pictures, this one is great But don t buy this expecting a book of memoirs.

  4. D. Gill D. Gill says:

    Beautifully written story of YSL

  5. HS HS says:

    Another amazing book by Roxanne Lowit I had the pleasure of hearing Roxanne speak at the Phoenix Art Museum about her journey with YSL and about many of the photos in the book She is not only talented as she shares a glimpse of the wonderful world of fashion but she is also extremely humble.The images are stunning A great addition to any coffee table

  6. Roberto Di Cuia Roberto Di Cuia says:

    great book