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Jimmy Spithill is one of the world s most successful sailboat racing skippers He has, at , reached legendary status This is his much anticipated autobiography, and it opens with a young Spithill in the hospital about to have surgery on his leg, being told by the doctors he ll never be very good at sports Instead of spelling defeat, that moment sparked a life long determination to prove them wrong Spithill won his first sailboat race at ageand went on to win regettas all over the country, and then the world He debuted in the America s Cup as a skipper at age , and after a tough legal battle to free himself from his contract with the Young Australia team, he sailed in the next two Cups before becoming the youngest skipper to ever win the America s Cup in , at the helm of the most extreme yacht the competition had ever seen thefoot long byfoot wide trimaran USAHe won the Cup again inin a remarkable comeback that shattered his opponentsAs the world knows, Spithill faced a daunting challenge in theCup In addition to providing unparalleled insights into Spithill s background and training, Chasing the Cup is the insider s look at the challenges he faced as he defended the Cup against New Zealand s powerful pedal powered boats Spithill speaks with humility and honesty about this year s Cup in this remarkable, timely autobiography Chasing the Cup breaks open the closed off world of the America s Cup, and Spithill s open, honest style gives a rare insight into the mind of an extremely focused man at the pinnacle of his sport It s a rags to riches story of fierce determination, court cases, seasickness, crashed boats and cars, alcohol, and persevering against all the odds And it all contributed to turning a quiet, bullied, water loving blue collar redhead from Sydney into one of sailing s biggest rock stars Chasing the Cup is a compelling read, packed with lessons in leadership, teamwork, and achieving your dreams, no matter how many setbacks you face