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A cross between H is for Hawk and Wild Stylist A courageous memoir of love and loss compelling Sunday Express Intimate and inspiring Observer Rich and absorbing Cathy Rentzenbrink, author of The Last Act of LoveA brave and necessary record of love, as beautiful as it is heartbreaking Ann Patchett, author of CommonwealthOn a warm evening on a beautiful beach in Thailand, Shannon Leone Fowler s life was shattered when a box jellyfish the most venomous animal in the world wrapped itself around her fianc Sean s legs, stinging and killing him in minutes Devastated by the tragedy, Shannon, a marine biologist, could not face returning to her home by the ocean She had travelled the world with Sean, and to honour his memory set out on a new journey this time alone, to make sense of her loss From contemplating the silence of Auschwitz, to stumbling through poverty stricken Romania and Bulgaria, to sitting shiva amid daily bombings in Israel, to finding humour and creativity in Sarajevo, a city still scarred by war, Shannon begins to chart a path through grief learning to live with loss without letting it destroy herNew edition includes an interview between Shannon Leone Fowler and her mother,author ofinternational bestseller The Jane Austen Book Cluband Man Booker Prize shortlisted We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves , Karen Joy Fowler

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  1. Nina Nina says:

    This is a compelling book It made me think such a lot about grief and bereavement, but importantly it made me think from both viewpoints Shannon s in losing her fiance but also in particular his mother and family Also the power of the kindness of strangers it made me think how I should react if I was faced with someone confronting a tragedy It s a very moving book, and beautifully written both the sections in Thailand and when Shannon travels afterwards Thoroughly recommended

  2. Jill Jill says:

    At first I didn t think I d like this book but it got better and better The countries Shannon visited in 2002 were mainly in a bad way, or coming out of a bad way and it was so interesting to read what they were like then However I was most touched by Anat and Talia and how they supported Shannon A very interesting and insightful book on how grief is different for everyone but also how to speak and be with bereaved people.

  3. julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer says:

    I read this book when on holiday in Brazil with my young family and was totally gripped from the start For anyone who loves to travel this is a deeply sad, but truly beautiful, love story of a carefree young couple who had their whole lives ahead of them Effortlessly moving between time zones as you travel with Shannon through her story You get glimpses of the love that they shared, the tragedy on the beach and her incredible journey of discovery and loss I found myself truly absorbed throughout A must read x

  4. Ned Browne Ned Browne says:

    At times harrowing, at times deeply moving, at times heartbreaking but always compelling I was gripped from start to finish A beautiful study of love, loss and life Highly recommended.

  5. Cathjane Cathjane says:

    This book is an extremely moving account of love and loss The author s description of her feelings, her thoughts and her actions is so vivid and powerful It is a very thought provoking book and made me appreciate close hand the fragility of life.

  6. julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer says:

    Not only a beautiful written memoir of the author s grief but also a beautifully dictated memoir of her travels through war torn countries and the aftermath of her loss It is a heartfelt journey that will leave you with a great admiration and respect for the authors display of strength throughout.

  7. elly elly says:

    Excellent condition not a mark on it just started reading it but so far, so good Well written and page turning.

  8. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Both matter of fact, and beguiling Somehow, uplifting Exposes something pretty dark Left with a sense hope that this writer can now continue on weaving stories now that the memoir has been told.

  9. Cath Cath says:

    This is a beautifully written memoir of love, loss, grief, but also a travel memoir and postcard from Eastern Europe I highly recommended it.

  10. Elle Elle says:

    I recently read this book, and it is amazing Shannon s experiences are so touching and full of portrayals of grief as it really is It s not pretty, it s not fast But it is full of learning and growing around your new reality after losing a loved one Amidst all the heartbreak in her story there are definite moments that will help inspire faith in humanity, and help readers understand how grief is different for everyone, and how so many things can influence it, and potentially help learn how to help others that are grieving losses.

  11. Chantal Lyons Chantal Lyons says:

    After reading Fowler s contribution to the Lonely Planet travel writing anthology on the same event that is the reason for this book, there was no way I wasn t reading Traveling with Ghosts.It s devastating, but utterly compelling, totally different to my experience of reading another book recently about a family tragedy I finished it, but it wasn t exactly pleasant, like a nasty tasting health drink.Fowler s writing is simple, sparing, honest She leads us back and forth through time, from childhood memories of meeting the ocean to travelling with Sean to the night of his death to the aftermath There are journeys in this book than just the one in which Fowler travels through Eastern Europe and Israel in reaction to losing Sean, although it s the binding thread, reflective, respectful and wise in its own right I m intrigued than ever about Eastern Europe now, especially Sarajevo.This book is moving not only because of Fowler s bravely told grief Amidst the tragedy and horrible cruel odds of what happened, she was lucky in that there were two Israeli girls at the Thailand resort who helped her when no one else would I felt humbled and gladdened by their kindness than I can describe.More than anything else, Traveling with Ghosts is about courage Fowler s courage in making as much as she could of life in the aftermath of her fiance s death, the courage of those Israeli girls, and, years later, Fowler s courage in risking her heart again I feel truly privileged to have read this book.

  12. buy-it-try-it buy-it-try-it says:

    Its difficult to say I like this book, the story is a first person account of the author s experience and recovery from the accidental death of her fiance while travelling i Thailand The subject matter makes it quite harrowing in places the account of the death and the immediate aftermath is spread throughout the book However, the author writes movingly and well,and her account of the kindness of strangers is heartwarnming There are no punches pulled, and the author struck me as an insightful and observant writer her final revelation, reached long after the breavement and when she had children of her own, was one of sympathy with the dead man s mother, recognising that a mother s grief is uniquely intense.The accounts of travels in different places were interesting I am not usually a travel book reader, but I read this one straight through, and found it wholly absorbing I was surprised to find that the author is a marine biologist I was prepared to find that she was a professional writer of some sort, maybe a journalist.

  13. elsie purdon elsie purdon says:

    One of my favourite books this year is Travelling with Ghosts.It is beautifully written and does the best job I have ever seen of retelling the terrible grief of losing a loved one in a sudden and shocking death.In 2002 Sean is 25 when he dies on a beach at Haad Rin Nok Ko Pha Ngan Thailand He is with fiancee Shannon, they are on a holiday break from their serious work travelling They are young and in love and on a beautiful Thai beach Together just playing in the waves everything should have been idyllic but suddenly Sean says he is having trouble breathing and then as they drag themselves from the waves he pitches forward and dies.There were no warnings of jellyfish anywhere The first Thai official wants to declare this death by drunken drowning How could he invent such a lie He does not want to risk the Tourism.Shannon doesn t know a soul in Thailand and she is helped by two of the most amazing young women from Israel who follow her to the clinic They stop her from signing the wrongful death certificate They go with her to the Temple where Sean s body will have to remain for three days because it is the coolest place on the island.Shannon is a marine biologist from California and Sean an Aussie who worked in International marketing They have been in love for two years and they also both love travel.This memoir is written in a non chronological order Facts are recorded and then another date on the next chapter and you learn about a different time and place for Sean and Shannon Reading it felt like waves of experiences written down Like the waves of the sea.After Sean s death and after the funeral and then her return to California Shannon decides to travel in Eastern Europe, which sounded really weird when I first read that, but then what is the right way to cope with such deep grief and shock During her travels she finds a place and a person who happens to say that in Poland people tell stories of their lives and it is not always a happy ending Coming from California Shannon grew up believing in the Hollywood happy ending and that is not always real if ever What matters is that you tell the story so that you remember what happened Not because it all turned out ok in the end.I also felt relieved to learn that some places and people do recognise that you can just be what you are even if it is being very sad and grieving When she was in Israel she stayed with Anat and Talia the two girls who were such amazing help when Sean died They explain about sitting Shiva which is the Jewish way with a death I thought it sounded perfect Because there is no easy way through No short cut to get to th either side of grief.This is a memoir that inspires me to keep acceptance in mind Also the book is packed with amazing pieces of information on all kinds of things There is so much in this book about sea creatures, loss, Eastern Europe in the early 21st century and much about relationships and people being people She also visited Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland and goes to look at the piles of belongings still there to see There are horrifyingly huge amounts of shoes, and glasses and hair taken from the people about to be murdered.Shannon didn t write this memoir until 2017 and by then she has three lovely heathy children and an ex husband.She still misses Sean, of course she does I know that when you have loved someone you will always love them and sometimes the price is grief and missing them But the biggest thing is the love.

  14. Zipster Zeus Zipster Zeus says:

    A very personal account of unexpected loss interwoven with the author s travels to various places across the world, delivered with expert literary skill The whole project is in fact infused with human insight and the loss of the author s partner and throughout the impact it had on her psyche and approach to the world is never far away It can make for at times an uncomfortable read, but overall is all the stronger as a book for that Well worth a try.

  15. William William says:

    This is a well written book, but it is an emotional roller coaster Fowler s writing style is clear and to the point as I would expect from a trained research scientist However she has captured the emotions of the scenes she describes very well It serves to remind you how fragile life can be and of the dangers of traveling to foreign lands where there can be dangers lurking that locals know to be aware of but tourists do not.