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I learnt so much from this book It is told with refreshing, youthful charm I learnt as much about confidence and humanity, as I did about culture I won t forget this book It gave me insights into the feel of Yugoslavia, and the tragedy of its war, and the experience of immigration for a Yugoslav It s difficult to sum up, but there is a lot in this book, if you like to really experience somebody else s world The depiction of her parents and their upbringing and attitudes is fascinating. A funny and tragic and beautiful in all the right places Jenny Lawson,New York Times bestseller author of Furiously Happy memoir about the immigrant experience and life as a perpetual fish out of water, from the acclaimed Serbian Australian storytellerSofija Stefanovic makes the first of many awkward entrances in , when she is born in socialist Yugoslavia The circumstances of her birth a blackout, gasoline shortages, bickering parents dont exactly get her off to a running start While around her, ethnic tensions are stoked by totalitarian leaders with violent agendas, Stefanovics early life is filled with Yugo rock, inadvisable crushes, and the quirky ups and downs of life in a socialist state As the political situation grows dire, the Stefanovics travel back and forth between faraway, peaceful Australia, where they cant seem to fit in, and their turbulent homeland, which they cant seem to shake Meanwhile, Yugoslavia collapses into the bloodiest European conflict in recent history Featuring warlords and beauty queens, tiger cubs and Baby Sitters Clubs, Sofija Stefanovics memoir is a window to a complicated culture that she both cherishes and resents Revealing war and immigration from the crucial viewpoint of women and children, Stefanovic chronicles her own coming of age, both as a woman and as an artist Refreshingly candid, poignant, and illuminating, Stefanovics story is as unique and wacky as it is important Esquire Her very honest child and teen s eye view of what happened to her and her family, after leaving and finding that, it s true, you can never really return, because nothing is ever the same again. Don t know how much of it was just cause I also moved to Australia from Yugoslavia in the 90 s, but it felt validating to read a book about it, and I can t recommend this enough. Very well written and nostalgic Brought back many memories thank you for the book, Sofija Love this book A sweet story opening with a teenage beauty contest for the honor of Miss Ex Yugoslavia, what comes next The wholeness that was and is and can not be Sofija Stefanovic writes in a charming style rich in imagery, she creates her environs decisively a sentence or two captures it all and she carries you with her as she year by year learns the full meaning of her nation s meaning Yugoslavia home of the South Slavs a nation that was and all that follows.If you know that story you will enjoy her telling and if you do not you will miss some of the drama she is carrying, but perhaps not, for it is the story of love and life and all of mankind s failings to let the Past rest Go to the internet and read a description of the six republics, then add four languages and three major religions, and a Latin and Cyrillic alphabet, factor in the Allied and Axis forces of WWII that divided the nation, add the Turkish Empire, Austria Hungarian empires that dominated once.Open chapter One and see the girls loving one another regardless and enjoy what follows.A tale well told and a run on Australia and immigrant transition as well a powerful little story.5 stars Advise for a Yugoslav s transition to English as the rolled r s must fall away in all four languages Although the Serbian language has a smaller vocabulary, it contains much profanity than English does That is an understatement Another story showing the pain of disintegration worth of reading Obreht, Tea The Tiger s Wife A Novel Yugoslavia Death of a Nation Laura Silber Allen Little, see 3 Star review. As a fellow migrant to Australia albeit at an earlier time, I felt the author s portrayal of the experience was accurate and insightful Both my husband and I were interested in reading about the breakup of the former Yugoslavia from the perspective of someone who was impacted by the events, and even historical analysis would have been fine with us The book was easy to read and the disarming humor was an added element It is easy for me to recommend this book. This is a delightful book It is simultaneously funny and sad It takes place on multiple levels and each one touches the reader s soul For those who have been displaced, either voluntarily or involuntarily, this book will resonate because of the universal feelings of nostalgia for what is left behind and hope for what lies in the future I will not summarize the plot it is not necessary Suffice it to say that this book speaks to those who, having uprooted once, end up belonging everywhere and nowhere for the rest of their lives I thoroughly enjoyed reading this memoir and look forward to stories from Ms Stefanovic. I loved this book It starts out as a bit of comic fluff, but the book is anything but The self aware author recounts her young life in Yugoslavia and Australia in a way that reveals both her inner life and the lives of those around her, including those affected by the conflicts in what was once Yugoslavia A very good read A page turner.