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Presents nineteen interviews with the American film director of such movies as Carrie, Scarface, and Mission Impossible

5 thoughts on “Brian de Palma: Interviews (Conversations With Filmmakers Series)

  1. Torsten Austinat Torsten Austinat says:

    Sehr gutes Buch Beinhaltet Interviews mit De Palma nach Erscheinen der meisten Filme F r der englischen Sprache m chtigen Palmafans ein Mu

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Interesting insights into the mind of an underrated filmmaker

  3. Richard Harborough Richard Harborough says:

    This collection of interviews of Brian De Palma, the celebrated filmmaker, reads as an insightful window into the world of filmmaking not only in the 1970 s and 80 s, but up till the 2000 s where many view his film career to have reached a lull some consider it to have occurred before this date However, that is not a detriment with this collection, in fact I found that the book was great, going from interview to interview, each conducted as a new film was coming out i.e., one for Sisters, one for Phantom of the Paradise, one for on and so forth.While this book may seem dated since it s last interview was around the time Mission to Mars debuted, it really isn t Look at Truffaut s interviews with Hitchcock, as relevant as ever However, if you are looking for a newer interview with the great De Palma, you can purchase the Criterion s DVD or BluRay copy of De Palma s masterpiece, Blow Out, which includes an hour long interview conducted by Noah Baumbach recorded in 2010 or 2011, which serves as nice companion piece to this collection.I enjoyed reading this, and if you love the films of De Palmaor even if you don t, it will give you perhaps a better understanding of who the man is and the way he thinks I recommend this book Highly.

  4. Alonso Varas Alonso Varas says:

    Brian de Palma is my favorite director and this book reprints several interviews done at different points of his career He comes off, not surprisingly, as a very intelligent man and offers insightful remarks about his movies, directing, and cinematic art in general It s interesting to see how his perspective over some of his films varies throughout the years Recommended to all fans Also, I can say the only other book I ve read about De Palma with similar quality to this one is the interviews by Blumenfeld Vauchaud, which you should also get.

  5. Umberto Borgia Umberto Borgia says:

    This is an excellent survey of interviews with De Palma over the years, and they prove a helpful guide for navigating his cinema and his interests no wonder that Chris Dumas UN AMERICAN PSYCHO is so beholden to these interviews A must read for any De Palma fan.