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Lives of Velzquez brings together two seminal early accounts of the great seventeenth century Spanish painter ca These texts, written by his contemporaries Francisco Pacheco and Antonio Palomino and newly translated for this volume, serve as our main sources of knowledge about this groundbreaking artist Pacheco s biography reveals the scale of the challenge to traditional painting presented by Velzquez s immense talent Palomino s text, while precise and detailed in its narrative of the artist s life, also tackles the aesthetic debate generated by the painter s choice of subject matter and style

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  1. Alberto Bragho Alberto Bragho says:

    Good document, pity there are not commentary and historical notes.

  2. pierre desrochers pierre desrochers says:


  3. R. Vogel R. Vogel says:

    Nice little book, with some interesting biographical info on Velazquez The reproductions are good, but the book is very small, like a pocket book, but that is the only negative What a great painter Velazquez was What an amazing ability to capture likeness, and beyond likeness to transmit the essence of the person or scene Few have had his talent and ability.