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John Winters offers a master class in literary sleuthing, untangling the many lives and unearthing the origin story of America s foremost Renaissance man of letters Kelly Horan, coauthor of Devotion and DefianceWiththan fifty five plays to his credit including thePulitzer Prize winning Buried Child, an Oscar nod for his portrayal of Chuck Yeager in The Right Stuff, and an onscreen persona that s been aptly summed up as Gary Cooper in denim Sam Shepard s impact on American theater and film ranks with the greatest playwrights and actors of the past half century Sam Shepard A Life gets to the heart of Sam Shepard, presenting a compelling and comprehensive account of his life and workIn a new epilogue, added by the author after Shepard s untimely death in July of , John J Winters offers a glimpse into the enigmatic author s last days, when very few knew he was suffering from ALS An excellent biographyMr Winters is especially good on the backstage of one of Mr Shepard s most frequently revived works, True WestMr Winters has an interesting story to tell, and he recounts it ably, bringing us close to a figure who, he admits, avoids intimacy The Wall Street Journal A new, thoroughly researched biographyWinters does indeed capture a personalityanxious and self doubting than previous biographers have grasped The Washington Post Meticulously presents the facts of Shepard s complex life along with incisive descriptions and analyses of diverse productions of Shepard s demanding and innovative playsWinters portrays Shepard as a magnetic, enigmatic, and multitalented artist drawing on a deep well of loneliness and self questioning, keen attunement to the zeitgeist, and penetrating insight into human nature Booklist starred review

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