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In the segregated US of the mid twentieth century, African American travelers could have a hard time finding towns where they were legally allowed to stay at night and hotels, restaurants, and service stations willing to serve them In , Victor Hugo Green published the first annual volume of The Negro Motorist Green Book, later renamed The Negro Travelers Green Book This facsimile of theedition brings you all the listings, articles, and advertisements aimed at the Black travelers trying to find their way across a country where they were so rarely welcomeAlso available The Negro Travelers Green BookFacsimile Edition

10 thoughts on “The Negro Motorist Green-Book: 1940 Facsimile Edition

  1. Vesna Vesna says:

    Da h tte eine Lupe mitgeliefert werden sollen, bzw erw hnen das es kleiner gedruckt als blich ist.

  2. Carlotta Carlotta says:

    Alles okay Das Buch beinhaltet was in der Beschreibung angegeben wurdeSehr interessant und gleichzeitig traurig dass solche Reglementierungen es gab

  3. R. J. Scrimgeour R. J. Scrimgeour says:

    Bought this facsimile edition to further my interest in the film Very interesting but readers need to go through the pages of hotel and filling station entries to extract some of the sentiments and details of life for African American drivers in the thirties and forties Well worth adding to your collection.

  4. PeeJay PeeJay says:

    We had hoped to have detail about the situation in america in the 50 60s but this book just gives the basic facts and the places where negroes were welcomed allowed to eat and stay The movie is excellent so this facsimile of The Green Book helped us understand things a little

  5. Incar charger Incar charger says:

    A great piece of history, my mixed race grandchildren have been educated.

  6. aaron aaron says:

    I love this book But It s sad that something like this had to be made because of segregation One thing I disliked about the book is that it copied itself twice.

  7. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    Great condition, interesting historical piece

  8. Peter Peter says:

    I loved the fact that the green book was a replica of the green book used by select motorists of the time period The type size was small It would have been 10pt today It stands alone as a record of the situation during that time period but it also is a good complement to the movie

  9. Terrence Walsh Terrence Walsh says:

    On the one hand I feel like a primal scream of outrage and want to give this ZERO stars because it just never should have existed at all.On the other hand, it is such a fine example of resilience, of finding a way to make things work in an impossible world, that I want to give it TEN stars.Let s compromise at FIVE stars.It s rare to include photos with a book review I want to make two points with these pics.1 The Table of Contents shows just how slim this book really is A mere 48 pages cover the information available for 48 states That is not actually one page per state Sometimes it covers two and a half states on a single page New York City gets ink than anywhere else.2 There is a nice article in the middle of this slim volume that describes a trip by Greyhound bus The second photo shows the first two pages of this article Each reader may have a different impression or take away so I leave it to you to read it yourself.In the 1940 described by this Green Book, the Great Depression had waned enough so people might travel because they needed to or wanted to travel World War II had not yet absorbed the country Jim Crow was a solid reality, and widespread than I realized years ago.For perspective, what could the Negro Motorist could look forward to in Washington, DC 7 hotels including YWCA and YMCA , 4 tourist homes, 3 taverns, 2 restaurants, 3 beauty shops but zero barbers listed , 1 garage and 2 service stations, 2 taxicab companies, 1 country club, and 2 night clubs Other than NYC that may be the longest listing for a single city in the book All that information occupies less than half of one page.There are not many country clubs listed in the 1940 Green Book I looked up the one listed for DC I got exactly zero hits on every internet search for a country club named Grossland s There s a message there about invisibility.I m glad I ve seen this Green Book, and at the same mighty sorry I ever saw it It s the kind of incontrovertible piece of history that shows just how deep the white mythos of the era really was Movies were all white TV in the 50s was nearly all white History textbooks of the 30s, 40s, and 50s were basically all white.Perhaps this review will in some way be helpful in bringing some attention to this little piece of history.

  10. Enric MIR Teixidor Enric MIR Teixidor says:

    extraordinaria obra que explica la historia no escrita de estats units