Kostenlos Best Stone Cold: The Extraordinary Story of Len Opie, Australia's Deadliest SoldierAutor Andrew Faulkner – Albawater.co

Through three wars acrossyears, Len Opie carved a reputation as one of the country s greatest infantrymen A cold eyed killer who drank nothing stronger than weak tea, he fought with his bare hands, a sharpened shovel, and piano wire He was a larrikin who went by the book, unless the book was wrong He set his own bar high and expected others to do the same Stone Cold is the extraordinary story of one of Australia s most fearless fighters It takes us into the jungles of New Guinea and Borneo and some of the fiercest battles of World War II It goes to the cold heart of Korea, where Len emerged from the ranks to excel in the epic Battle of Kapyong and play a key role at the Battle of Maryang San And it drops us into the center of the American counterinsurgency war in Vietnam with Len s involvement in the CIA s shadowy black ops program, Phoenix Action packed and surprising, Stone Cold gives rich life to a warrior soldier and one of Australia s greatest diggers

15 thoughts on “Stone Cold: The Extraordinary Story of Len Opie, Australia's Deadliest Soldier

  1. Edward Walker Edward Walker says:

    A driven and an amazing individual who s home was the army If this is ever made into a film, people will think that it s fiction If you like military history, this is a must read.

  2. keith wedgwood keith wedgwood says:

    Interesting well worth a read

  3. patrick frost patrick frost says:


  4. M. Thorpe M. Thorpe says:

    Very good

  5. Colin Binmore Colin Binmore says:

    It s good to read about and appreciate what other people have done so we can enjoy freedom and experience less danger.

  6. Craig Hurdle Craig Hurdle says:

    Len was a great war fighter had been through World War 2, against the Chinese and the Korean war and continued on to the Vietnam war period how he was such a brave fighter, never drank alcohol which is extraordinary because most fighters in the war drank alcohol, he was a teatotaller lived to the age of 85 and he was an Australian there is a war museum in South Australia with a devotion to him it was a great read took me some time to get through the book but I did enjoy it.

  7. PeterM Australia PeterM Australia says:

    The book s title is spot on an extraordinary story indeed which is well told and well researched Occasional irritation with the author when he lapses in to unnecessary repetition in an almost hagiographic manner of something that Len Opie said or did and which was already evident from the paragraph that we had just read This is a personal view and a minor quibble only.

  8. Dryline Dryline says:

    Bought this for my husband and he thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

  9. Mark Boyle Mark Boyle says:

    Riping read Just keep on going.

  10. Mark Johnston Mark Johnston says:

    Hard slog in places, but incredible historical content

  11. ken thomas ken thomas says:

    what a man

  12. Peter F. Peter F. says:

    Great book of a real hero One of those guys who quietly does what most of us expect others to do for our country security while keeping our hands clean

  13. Andrew Fawkes Andrew Fawkes says:

    Interesting story It appears to be written from Len s diary and as such is a bit light on detail I thought it to be interesting from a historical point of view of an influential person in the Australian Army.

  14. Southern Roo Southern Roo says:

    This should be taught in school.Len Opie was a mans man.