{epub pdf} Bacque, R: Kaiser Karl: The Life of Karl LagerfeldAutor Raphaelle Bacque – Albawater.co

Nothing in this book goes beyond a simple chronology of his life Absolutely no insight into his life other than the parties he gave and his elaborate and expensive lifestyle and the fact that he made up many of the facts of his life. Overall, the book is not a bad read but I was expecting much I was disappointed and some of the facts did not line up with other facts from other sources And where were the photos of his family, particularly his father and mother and his childhood home Not enough photos to go along with the narrative Just an introduction I am waiting for comprehensive biographies for Karl Too complex and too extraordinary I amWaiting for bigger volumes. An intimate and well documented biography of Karl Lagerfeld, ex creative director of Chanel and international fashion iconReveals the man behind the mask the great couturier, the adorer of women, the unrepentant provocateurA huge bestseller in FranceWorldwide publication in English to mark the first anniversary of his deathA luxurious hardback, finished with quarter bound cloth and containing a picture section admiring and ferocious France Inter This first biography, fed by many first rate witnesses we laugh, we shudder, we admire ElleOn the last morning of his life, Karl Lagerfeld s only companion was S bastien, his bodyguard and right hand man The king of fashion insisted on being cremated, along with his universally recognizable gear the dark glasses and high starched collar that served as a bastion for his secrets It is only now that witnesses have begun to talkThus emerges the story of Karl Lagerfeld his father s past in the heart of wartime Germany, his rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent enflamed by his only love, Jacques de Bascher and the networks he forged with the biggest luxury manufacturers in the world as he compiled his vast fortune Truly an unparalleled icon in the history of fashion, Lagerfeld s legacy lives on today