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Armani s style is elegance and sensual simplicity incarnate Few names in fashion conjure so distinctive a look, said British Vogue For Armani, design has always been about an easy, timeless grace, not constantly changing trends clothes meant to complement the body, not merely cover it With his careful removal of extraneous internal structure, emphasis on the human form and the use of soft textiles and a muted color palette, Armani changed the face of fashion from haute couture to the high street He revolutionized the way both men and women looked and dressed, taking away formality and fuss as surely as he ripped out linings and interlinings It s difficult to overstate just how different the fashion landscape was before Giorgio Armani With his principles of style, simplicity, and practicality, Armani deconstructed the fashion world From inauspicious beginnings as a department store window dresser, he funded his first company by selling his caryears on, he oversees a multi billion dollar empire with overstores incountries worldwideOne of the first designers to truly utilize the appeal of Hollywood, his seminal wardrobe for Richard Gere in thefilm American Gigolo helped cement his as the look of the late th century His frequent collaborations with luminaries such as Martin Scorsese, Leonardo Di Caprio, Cate Blanchett, and Lady Gaga have all contributed to making the shy, reserved, but dedicated Armani the first superstar designer of the modern age Vogue on Giorgio Armani charts the rise of a small town boy to a fashion monolith