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All surfers dream of shedding responsibilities and answering the siren song of the ocean swells For most, it is an ideal that recedes as age advances as family, career and provider commitments overwhelm the wanderlust of youth But what if you could defy the slow march of age Shelve all your worldly pressures, pack up the family and a few trusty surfboards and hit the open road for the Great Australian surfing road trip Best selling surf writer Tim Baker is doing just that Inspired by the dreams of his youth, and in the face of looming middle age, Baker is embarking on the Big Lap, with his wife Kirsten and two children, Vivi and Alex,Starting in late January , the family will set out from their home in Currumbin, Queensland, heading south down the east coast Over the next six to eight months, they will circumnavigate the country, as Baker documents the state of surf culture and our coastline, and the array of colourful characters encountered along the way