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An extraordinarily powerful and personal meditation on race, culture and national identity by one of Australias leading journalists

15 thoughts on “Talking to my Country

  1. Jim KABLE Jim KABLE says:

    This is a moving wake up call to Australia to value, respect and truly recognise the centrality of Indigenous Australians to this nation and I would the least we could do is to offer sovereignty and proper compensation for all the wrongs done to the people Stan Grant identifies as his And he is telling this story in the spirit of reconciliation which is all the amazing when one reads his family history and the story of his own life told to leave school when only 15 and this in the latter 1970s though echoing other similar stories of former so called executive level teachers to Indigenous friends This book has a semi fictional novel Legacy 2009 by Larissa BEHRENDT as a kind of companion piece and it is intriguing that both writers have taken significant steps outside of Australia in order to see the clearly their lives and identities in this place Bravo, Stan.

  2. Anna L Anna L says:

    In 2020 this book should not be as shockingly needed as it is Stan Grant s story should not be the voice of a barely heard minority Nation dividing events should not be happening as recently as 2015 The mantra like stats of disadvantage should not be a reality This history should be well understood by every human in Australia.Stan Grant the storyteller takes us on a journey We sit quietly with him beside the bloodstained waterholes of history, traipse between country towns in his second hand school uniform and spend sleepless nights with him in war torn countries that expose the war of his own We grapple with what it s like to belong and not to belong We strain with him against the weight of a one sided system and a national identity based on hypocrisy.The bare faced shame of Australia is rightly revealed, with unignorable empathy and soul It should not come as a surprise to anyone, and yet it challenges It is a painful, amazing read that punctures the shiny rhetoric that continues to gloss over the truth of the lucky country.

  3. J. Mccormack J. Mccormack says:

    Take a deep breath and summon up every ounce of courage you possess before embarking on this journey There is shame, guilt and pain that you will have to confront as you process these words But the benefit far outweighs the personal cost Thank you, Stan Grant.

  4. Deb Sturgess Deb Sturgess says:

    As I drove down the Hume Freeway through Widjuri land I wondered how I would feel if these sheep, cattle and crops were on MY land that had been taken from me It gave me an insight to the plight of the Australian Indigenous people Also, I don t think I will ever sing the National Anyhem again without feeling for our Indigenous Australians What can I do I don t know but if someone can tell me, I will do it.

  5. Frood Frood says:

    This book should be on every high school reading list.Provides a perspective that will allow you to view Australia and the world in a different light.

  6. Kevin Reid Kevin Reid says:

    I consumed this book with relish having lived through some of those eras and episodes, but I had a strange feeling I had read a lot of this before

  7. Marilyn Deas Marilyn Deas says:

    This book has changed me I will not sing the national anthem again without remembering Stan s words about his my our country All Australians should read this book

  8. paydayloansnsi.co.uk Customer paydayloansnsi.co.uk Customer says:

    A book that needed to be written Stan Grant has explained and exposed the racism in Australia towards our indigenous citizens A brilliant mind and hopefully Stan will one day enter politics for the moral development of our shared country.

  9. lynn lynn says:

    Interesting but I found sad and unsettling which it is

  10. paydayloansnsi.co.uk Customer paydayloansnsi.co.uk Customer says:

    well written, and helps understand the Indigenous point of view, should be compulsory reading in Schools.

  11. paydayloansnsi.co.uk Customer paydayloansnsi.co.uk Customer says:

    A wonderful book that challenges the reader to think bigger about what it means to be Australian, to be Indigenous Tough content Beautifully written Stan Grant is a great storyteller I hope he keeps telling stories.

  12. Claudia Mangel Claudia Mangel says:

    A confronting but enlightening read Thank you to Stan Grant for opening up and sharing your story with us As you write, your story is ours too This book should be on the curriculum for all states and territories all young people should know this as part of their story too.

  13. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    If you heard Stan s recent speech and the program with Julia Zemiro you must read of his personal history too.

  14. Lachlan Wilson Lachlan Wilson says:

    Top book was so because I share the same great grandfather as the author

  15. Colin S Edwards Colin S Edwards says:

    Beautifully written by a descendant of Aboriginal peoples, whose dispossession and massacres have largely been whited out from the story of Australia.