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This is a beautiful and intense exploration of friendships, landscape, and homecoming Written with great energy and humor, Position Doubtful offers a unique portrait of the complexities of black and white relations in contemporary Australia

5 thoughts on “Position Doubtful: mapping landscapes and memories

  1. Kim Clayton Kim Clayton says:

    Reviews led me to this writer, she is highly celebrated, while her writing is lovely this was not a book for me As a fan of Non fiction, I found it led me nowhere and I struggled to stay focused,

  2. Netgrrl Netgrrl says:

    Beautiful, lovely read This story connected me to the country I know well The style made it effortless to read.

  3. sid sid says:

    One of the most boring books ever written.

  4. Janette Sheen Janette Sheen says:

    This book is packed solidly with observations, stories about people and place and descriptions of art practice The descriptions of landscape are powerful, informed by a sensitivity for colour, light and shape For me, the strongest feature of the book is the relationship between people and place the effect of place on people and their culture and the impact of people on place For the traditional people of the Tanimi, place is part of them just as they are part of the place for the outsiders who regularly come and go the place inhabits them but also challenges.

  5. Sunita Sunita says:

    Thought provoking and evocative A beautiful read that stayed with me long after reading.