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Paul Robeson was an actor and performer, a champion athlete, a committed communist, a brilliant speaker, and a passionate activist for social justice in America, Europe, and Australia

15 thoughts on “No Way But This: in search of Paul Robeson

  1. Mrs. K. M. Hunt Mrs. K. M. Hunt says:

    It is always of interest to learn about this very great and exceptionally talented American, who was not always given the praise he deserved in his own country, but who certainly shone on the world stage.

  2. Detroit Iron Detroit Iron says:

    Bought as a gift for a friend who had seen a favourable review of it She is delighted with it Prompt delivery.

  3. Mrs. E. M. McManus Mrs. E. M. McManus says:

    Excellent book with lots of information, will read again very soon

  4. charlie charlie says:

    Lovely bit of history

  5. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    Very good

  6. Patricia DW Patricia DW says:

    Moving, thought provoking and beautifully written A brilliant book

  7. Leonard Watson Leonard Watson says:

    My Fault, I was expecting Paul s life story, but here he is a peripheral figure A great man who had a sad end.

  8. john P john P says:

    Its a book as described

  9. Mimi Mimi says:

    This man was Amazing, and he stood up and never sat down

  10. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    A brilliant book I cried at the tragedy of a noble man of great resolve and heart who tried to be progressive in the early 20th century.Dogged research and quotes make the international scenes come alive.

  11. Elizabeth Hofmeister Elizabeth Hofmeister says:

    An interesting first person approach to telling the history of a black singer who was acclaimed at the height of his career but is little remembered today.

  12. Melody Madame Melody Madame says:

    This is a good read about a remarkable life.

  13. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    What a terrible shame that so few people know his story

  14. Joelene H. Joelene H. says:

    One heck of a life.

  15. glenn may glenn may says:

    Demonstrates the amazing scope of Robeson s influence geographically, culturally, socioeconomically Incredible for a man just one generation removed from slavery.