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When he became just the fourth man to win three Ironman World Championships, Craig Crowie Alexander joined triathlon s most elite inner circle of championsIn As the Crow Flies, the five time world champion reveals his approach, his training, and the relationships that delivered the record breaking race performance he says was a decade in the making In his own words and through striking photographs from acclaimed sports photographer Paul K Robbins, Crowie shows what it takes to race at the elite level and how he balances the work of triathlon with his first priority, his wife Neri and their young kids Lucy and AustinAlexander reflects on influential moments of his early career and his entireand earlyseason, bringing triathletes inside his head during key workouts, training blocks, and pivotal moments in big races Crowie struggles through injury, illness, and changing sponsorships, revealing the delicate balance between elite performance and disaster Yet hardship on the road to Kona yielded to Crowie s hard work and determination as he won both the Ironman and Ironmanworld championships, making him the first person to win both championships in the same yearEpic workouts, grueling travel, record setting race performance, giving back to sponsors and the sport these are the tools of Crowie s trade, not to mention sleek wetsuits, cutting edge time trial bikes, and technical footwear And while those who know the sport of triathlon intimately will say that performance is determined by how triathletes put the three disciplines together, As the Crow Flies shows that winning major races comes from working toward excellence in every aspect of the triathlon way of lifeAs the Crow Flies offers triathletes and sports enthusiasts a beautiful, intimate, and honest portrait of the life and work of professional triathlete Craig Crowie Alexander, five time triathlon world champion and one of the sport s most successful athletes Amazing book, beautiful pictures, and very inspiring texts A must have for all sports fans, and a reference for triathletes Nice realistic portrait, high quality pictures and great stories I recommend.Even if you are not a triathlete, you will love the stories about work and life balance. Some good photos. Great coffee table read This book has a lot of neat insights into his life, a few training routines, and great images Awesome to look through and informative as well Not super in depth if that is what you re looking for, but the images are very well done Is this a different kind of book Of course it is, hence the lack of biography title in it But that s what makes it special because it s an intimate photo essay into what it takes to be a world class Ironman athlete and a champion Loved the photography, and loved the accompanying text The quality of production and imagery also makes this book interesting beyond the world of triathlon I was first interested in it as someone who loves triathlon but I m also happy to own it as someone who collect photography books as well. Would love to get this signed by the author one day. Being a fan of Crowie, I read everything I can about him and his thoughts on Triathlon Awesome book. This is an excellent book, really enjoyed it There was a brilliant mix and useful training tips with the personal family side Beautiful photos, wonderful text, Very inspiring It really shows you how hard it is to prepare one to compete in an Ironman and not miss the contact with the every day normal life.