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The book was perfect and it comes in it s own Marvel box also, but unfortunately that was damaged It looks like this happened before it was packaged in the delivery box as that was undamaged. libro e confezione bellissimi, una vera chicca Super come stato Stan Lee Espectacular Los fieles devotos de Stan Lee tienen aqu su biblia La casi verdadera historia de Stan Lee una extravagancia tama o gigante fruto de diez a os de trabajo sobre el nico e incomparable padrino del c mic Lee, que creci en el Nueva York de la Gran Depresi n, logr transformar Marvel en la editorial de c mics m s importante del mundo y reinventar la industria del entretenimiento en el siglo XXI como jefe creativo de POW Entertainment Stan The Man Lee pasar a la historia como el nombre m s legendario del c micStanley Lieber ten aa os encuando comenz a trabajar en Timely Comics y apenas dos a os despu s era el editor jefe Pero fue encuando revolucion el mundo del tebeo con la Marvel Age of Comics Junto a un legendario equipo de artistas del que formaban parte Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita y Jim Steranko, Lee cre una impresionante n mina de influyentes personajes del c mic los Cuatro Fant sticos, Hulk, Spider Man, Thor, Iron Man, los X Men y los Vengadores, por citar s lo algunos Y despu s de trasladarse a Hollywood en , lo volvi a hacer desarroll proyectos para el cine y la televisi n que sentaron las bases de la pel cula Marvel Los continuos cameos de Stan en esas grandes producciones mundiales de miles de millones de d lares son una prueba de su influencia Como el hombre detr s de POW Entertainment se convirti en un maestro multimedia, colabor tanto con estrellas de rock, como con ligas deportivas profesionales, expertos en cine y en reality shows televisivos, lo que agigant su estatus creativo universalEl libro, publicado originalmente en Edici n de Coleccionista firmado y agotado durante la primera semana, fue escrito y editado con la total colaboraci n de Lee Su historia est narrada por Roy Thomas, su sucesor en Marvel y famoso escritor, editor e historiador del c mic, que ofrece un acercamiento v vido a los momentos clave de su viaje hacia la inmortalidad de la cultura pop Con cientos de tesoros del arte del c mic, fotograf as ntimas procedentes de archivos familiares, un pr logo firmado por el propio Lee y un largo ensayo y ep logo de Roy Thomas, este es un homenaje tit nico en extensi n y tama o digno de The Man , acompa ado de reimpresiones completas de sus c mics a lo largo de las d cadasPublicado originalmente en Edici n de Coleccionista firmado y agotado durante la primera semana, el libro est ahora disponible en edici n XXL ilimitadaTodos los personajes son MARVEL great service, as advertized, smooth shipping. It took me weeks to read this book, partly because I could not find a comfortable position in which to read it The book is of extremely large dimensions and very heavy Personally I would have been satisfied with a normal sized book, with the glossy paper retained In any event, some of the reprinted comics at the back do not benefit from being magnified so much.As for the account of Lee s career Roy Thomas was bound to write a well informed account, and he does Those hoping for a deeply detailed analysis of Lee s activities and public statements will be disappointed it is breezier than that Thomas is, however, a very good writer Though, Mr Thomas, given means something taken as given it does not mean because of so you should not use it to mean that, as you do for example on page 361 Also, please avoid pop economics of the kind that makes you assert on page 25 that the 1937 U.S economic downturn came from a stock market crash Thomas covers the pre 1990 period well.Incidentally, Stan Lee is referred to as alive throughout the main text, so not much updating of the book has occurred.I didn t care for the way Lee s contributions to comics in the 1990s onward were taken as the product of a fertile imagination and a large supply of energy The fact is that Lee essentially left comics writing in 1972 and the management of comics in 1980, and the upsurge in the number of products bearing his name in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s has a Weekend At Bernie s feel to it, because of the clear amount of hand holding and ghosting involved His contributions after 1980 in the form of interviews, convention appearances, bullpen soapbox writings, and prose introductions to comics collections are far clearly authentic transmissions of Lee s voice and thoughts than are the miscellany of fiction products comics, television programs, and novels over the same period especially from 1990 onward for which he was a, or the, titular writer.Other than the coverage of post 1990 events, the book s most glaring example of giving a rose colored retrospective on events is the statement on page 295 that Thomas was almost ecstatic to be continuing to work with Lee at Marvel after Thomas shed the Editor in Chief position at 1974 Here are instead Roy Thomas words closer to the time Stan and I came to our first parting of the ways back in 1974 It is true, though, that since then I ve never felt the same about him and Marvel The Comic Reader, July 1980, p 10 Thomas mostly stays out this time of the debate on who created the Marvel Universe or should be credited as having primarily originated the 1960s Marvel comics output, though he does say in one passage that Lee s contribution was the biggest.I found one typo On page 358, do down should just be down Here are some instances in which I believe there are factual errors or unnecessary imprecision 1 On page 318, Lee s move to California is said to be some time in 1980 No need to be as imprecise as that The public record seems to validate Raphael and Spurgeon s book dating it to by end April 1980.2 On page 321, we are told of Lee s frustration at seeing Superman II rack up big box office numbers in 1980 Actually, the U.K and U.S releases of that film were not until 1981 its 1980 release was limited to peripheral markets and then only in the closing weeks of 1980.3 The narrative takes until summer 1988 p 338 to give Lee as having the title of vice president of creative affairs, but Lee had held that position at Marvel along with publisher since 1980 source Bullpen Bulletins, November and December 1982.4 Page 337 could be read as implying that Steve Ditko didn t work for Marvel between the 1960s and 1987, when in fact he worked regularly for Marvel also in 1978 1985.5 Page 337 also gives the Silver Surfer Judgment Day graphic novel as coming out in 1990 The correct date is 1988.6 Page 345 has a big error, saying that Lee s receiving the position of Marvel chairman in 1990 made his title of publisher now a former position Actually, Lee s title of publisher largely a courtesy, yes, but a compensated and official position continued over the 1990s for example, the indicia of Marvel s Star Trek Untold Voyages 5 July, 1998 says Stan Lee, Publisher. What a fitting tribute to Stan Lee This book is bigger than life, just like the man This book is GIGANTIC This isn t a criticism but you will have a logistical conundrum figuring out how to comfortably read it I ve chosen the bed approach Sit cross legged with your back supported or against the back board Prop this monster book on pillows and or blankets to hold it Enjoy The photos are glorious and the story of Stan s life is interesting and enjoyable to learn about What a fitting monument to this wonderful man I especially enjoyed his forward and he seemed to really be thrilled with the book and how large it was going to be I have worked in the printing industry for the last 25 years and know that the quality of this is second to none From the die cutting of the dust cover to the supported blacks and colors of the litho printing to the stitching of this perfect bound book Excelsior. Fun to read, but my goodness the SIZE Not something you can read on your lap How could Roy Thomas not do a good job writing about his long time comics companion The author truly knows his subject and shares the Story very well A good read The book is well illustrated but like many Taschen books it is very heavy, and I m not talking about the subject With the small type and large size, it is a bit of work to read That s why it gets four stars instead of five.