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Originally published in the noted director s native Germany in , Herzog s diary,prose poetry than journal entries, will appeal even to those unfamiliar with the extravagantfilm From Juneto November , Herzog recounted not only the particulars of shooting the difficult film about a fictional rubber baronwhich included the famous sequence of a steamer ship being maneuvered over a hill from one river to anotherbut also the dreamlike quality of life in theFamous faces swim in and out of focus, notably Mick Jagger, in a part that ended up on the cutting room floor, and the eccentric actor Klaus Kinski, who constantly berated the director after stepping into the title role that Jason Robards had quit Fascinated by the wildlife that surrounded him in the isolated Peruvian jungle, Herzog details everything from the omnipresent insect life to piranhas that could bite off a man s toe Those who haven t encountered Herzog on screen will undoubtedly be drawn in by the director s lyricism, while cinephiles will relish the opportunity to retrace the steps of one of the medium s masters July Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reservedUrgent and compelling A valuable historical record and a strangely stylish, hypnotic literary work

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