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You certainly get a wonderful impression of what made her so successful as an actress in both comedy and drama.Her roles thoroughly analyzed In this case being authorized was a plus I would say Give her insight others wouldhave been hard pressed to find. Very disappointing read Biography by its nature should be about the person, how they grew up ,influences etc This one tells us of every step, glance and thought that ever crossed Miss Smiths mind in every production she ever appeared in Nothing of note about her as a person which is the reason most people read biographies in the first place If the minutiae of her career as an actress is your interest this will go down well If you want to know what makes her tick as a person this will disappoint I struggled to half way then gave up in sheer boredom Not for me. Although I haven t yet read this biography, but it just has to be good A wonderful and admirable actress for so many years.Book in very good condition and very fast delivery thank you. Maggie Smith has always been known for being a very private person and there is not much one gleams from this book which a good researcher could not get from other sources There is far to much on the roles she played and telling us about the plays she was in than about the woman herself Not bad but so wish there could have been in her own words This was the single most boring biography I have ever read It consisted of long lists of what plays, movies she had been in, lots of names of actors, directors etc etc but absolutely nothing about her as a person I was hugely disappointed and glad to get to the end of this very one dimensional character portrait If she is indeed as private a person as is suggested then she should not have agreed to have a biography done at all I was happy to throw it onto the pile of stuff for the charity shop. I would say as a very great fan of Dame Maggie Smith the book is excellent It charts her life from young girl to the very greatest actor that has ever lived It tells of the beautiful lady that does not like the usual glamour of being a very famous person She thinks the job she does is like anyone else going to work The book is excellent and very enjoyable I am only one person who thinks Dame Maggie Smith is a fabulous. A learned tome on several levels A handbook to the student of theatre, a how to guide for casting directors and an impossible standard for a young person to aspire to A scholarly work. No one does glamour, severity, girlish charm or tight lipped witticism better than Dame Maggie Smith, one of Britain s best loved actors This new biography shines the stage lights on the life and career of a truly remarkable performer, one whose stage and screen career spans six decades From her days as a West End star of comedy and revue, Dame Maggie s path would cross with those of the greatest actors, playwrights and directors of the era Whether stealing scenes from Richard Burton by his own admission , answering back to Laurence Olivier, or impressing Ingmar Bergman, her career can be seen as a Who s Who of British theatre in the th century This book also covers the little known period in Canada, a prolific five season run of leading roles that took place during the height of her success in Hollywood, soon after she won her first Oscar for her signature film The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Recently Dame Maggie has been prominent on our screens as ever, with high profile roles as Violet Crawley, the formidable Dowager Countess of Grantham, in the phenomenally successful television series Downton Abbey, and as Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film franchise what she herself describes as Miss Jean Brodie in a wizard s hat Yet paradoxically she remains an enigmatic figure, rarely appearing in public and carefully guarding her considerable talent Michael Coveney s absorbing biography, written with the actress blessing and drawing on personal archives as well as interviews with immediate family and close friends, is therefore as close as it gets to seeing the real Maggie Smith Read by Sian Thomas