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A gripping short biography of the extraordinary Alfred Hitchock, the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock was a strange child Fat, lonely, burning with fear and ambition, his childhood was an isolated one, scented with fish from his father s shop Afraid to leave his bedroom, he would plan great voyages, using railway timetables to plot an exact imaginary route across Europe So how did this fearful figure become one of the most respected film directors of the th century As an adult Hitch rigorously controlled the press portrait of him, drawing certain carefully selected childhood anecdotes into full focus and blurring all others out In this quick witted portrait, Ackroyd reveals something a lugubriously jolly man fond of practical jokes, who smashes a once used teacup every morning to remind himself of the frailty of life Iconic film stars make cameo appearances, just as Hitch did in his own films Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, and James Stewart despair of his detached directing style, and, perhaps most famously of all, Tippi Hedren endures cuts and bruises from a real life fearsome flock of birds Alfred Hitchcock wrests the director s chair back from the master of control and discovers what lurks just out of sight, in the corner of the shot Just facts, no real story. Wer noch kein Buch ber Hitchcock gelesen hat, ist hier goldrichtig Der Autor hat ein kurzes, knappes und sehr gut editiertes Buch verfasst, das doch einen fundierten ersten Blick zul sst Dabei hat er sich unterschiedlichster Quellen bedient und alles prima zusammengetragen Chapeau As one of the world s most popular movie directors, we never seem to tire of tales of the director whose reputation the young French titans of cinema campaigned for so vigorously half a century ago And that s the main point in my adding a review to the mix here.I m old enough that I studied world cinema at the University of Michigan in the mid 1970s and, of course, Hitchcock as seen through the filter of Francois Truffaut was all the rage I ve got nearly a dozen Hitchcock books on my library shelf and a good number of them were heavily influenced by the Truffaut treatment If you re a Hitchcock fan, you know what I mean This is especially evident in Hitchcock s own effort to dismiss his silent era films when he talked with Truffaut Back in the 1970s, there was precious little evidence of Hitchcock s work in the silent era In fact, back then, serious film students were just rediscovering the value of the silents, so skipping this era in Hitchcock s life made sense.The first thing that struck me as fresh and fun in Ackroyd s book is his re evaluation of the silent era I ve now gone back and watched 9 of Hitchcock s silent films with Ackryod as my guide So much fun And that s a taste of what you ll find in this book a freshness and a different perspective on a number of films and chapters of Hitchcock s life.This is, indeed, a concise biography Knowing a lot about Hitchcock s life, I could fault Ackroyd for skimming over some parts of his story But, then, if you re drawn to buy this book, you probably know something about the master director s life already I m giving this 5 stars and saying you re likely to enjoy this new volume. Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman With these five words of greeting Sir Alfred Hitchcock 1899 1980 welcomed millions of Americans into the evening s program Alfred Hitchcock Presents Most of those viewers in the Eisenhower era knew Hitchcock as a talented, artistic, tortured soul who produced a flock of great film on both sides of the pond Among his filmic masterpieces are classics such as Rebecca The Man Who Knew Too Much both films , Vertigo, Psycho, Rope, Lifeboat, Notorious, Suspicion, The Trouble With Harry, Frenzy, North by Northwest and many Hitch shared a cockney view of life as stage performance shared with his fellow Londoner Charles Dickens Hitch loved and was influenced by the macabre version of works by Edgar Allen Poe He had one daughter with his brilliant wife Alma Hitchcock was a fat man who hated his body was scrabrous in his humor fearful and enad of women and often went to the dungeon of his complex Roman Catholic Soul to explore issues dealing with guilt, and shame and a man on the run Peter Ackroyd is the prolific English author of fiction and non fiction bestsellers This his latest book is a great way to introduce new fans of Hitch and veteran filmgoers who want to learn about Hitchcock A fine and fun book to read