Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Karina Longworth, Karina Longworth, HarperAudio: Audible Audiobooks Audible –

Karina Longworth knows her way around old Hollywood and she also knows how to tell a great story Seduction feels like an extended version of her fabulous podcast You Must Remember This , full of fascinating tidbits and juicy stories.Seduction tells both the story of Howard Hughes in Hollywood and the stories of many of the women he was involved with We learn about Jean Harlow s dress in Hell s Angels, the incredible patience of Jane Russell, and just what may have gone on with Terry Moore and Jane Peters.Longworth s attempt to get to the truth is admirable and sincere She shares the gossip and tries to dispel it Her research is deep and wide ranging and has made for an excellent book I highly enjoyed it My only quibble is that the timelines sometimes became mixed up and unclear when moving back and forth from woman to woman I got lost in time occasionally and need to flip back a few pages or check dates myself.I d suggest you listen to the You Must Remember This miniseries about Howard Hughes women while reading this book It fills in some of the blanks and includes info on women mentioned only in passing in Seduction. An exhausting but thrillingly researched account of the ghastly life of Howard Hughes and every man, sexy movie actress and anyone else who ever crossed his destructive path.I got through it by skimming large sections of seemingly repeated events and information.A fascinating if tiresome journey. Thumbs up Way up We never miss a podcast and so of course we ran out and got the book. I love Hollywood gossip so I was really looking forward to reading this What a disappointment Nothing new to reveal and I got incredibly tired of Howard Hughes repeated conquests Had to force myself to finish it and felt like a shower afterward cuz he was such scum Read Noah Dietrich s book about Hughes instead Much better than this Film historian Karina Longworth could have written a terrific book Unfortunately she fails with Seduction on the life of Howard Hughes and the many women he had relationships with in Hollywood I think she is a frustrated neo Marxian Feminist academic I repeat myself in that she uses such jargon as heteronormative, commodification and patriarchy Hughes directed three great movies Hells Angels, which introduced the world to Jean Harlow, Scarface and The Outlaw where Jane Russell showed off her physical attributes.Longworth recounts Hughes affairs with Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Bette Davis and Ginger Rogers among the many Although Hughes was certainly in a position of power, all of these relationships were consensual Hughes also had a retinue of people on his payroll who were responsible for scouting talent for him He certainly was an insatiable cad, but he also was a romantic.For example when he was courting Katherine Hepburn he landed his biplane on golf course where she was practicing on Even the very wealthy and prominent Katherine Hepburn could not resist such an entreaty In fact Hepburn stood up to him like none of the others Perhaps it came from her strong ego reinforced by her patrician background.Longworth discusses the movies made by Hughes women and tries to fine deep social significance in them To me most of those movies were entertainment and were not designed to enforce the s of the day on an unsuspecting public If Longworth lightened up a bit, she could have written a much better book. Longworth is a delightful storyteller, as I learned being a faithful listener to her podcast streaming You Must Remember This And she does the same on paper in this book.For those who bored their high school friends, or opened new doors to them to watch before recording to watch later , I have set alarms to wake for the late late show often Now it is so much easier But there is a reason that the time covered by this book is considered classic The music of people like Franz Waxman The performances by Hepburn and Cary Grant especially HOLIDAY and the one where he almost played himself as a Cockney So read it and get the films you don t know, and watch Many are classics still. In this riveting popular history, the creator of You Must Remember This probes the inner workings of Hollywood s glamorous Golden Age through the stories of some of the dozens of actresses pursued by Howard Hughes, to reveal how the millionaire mogul s obsessions with sex, power, and publicity trapped, abused, or benefited women who dreamt of screen stardom In recent months, the media has reported on scores of entertainment figures who used their power and money in Hollywood to sexually harass and coerce some of the most talented women in cinema and television But as Karina Longworth reminds us, long before the Harvey Weinsteins, there was Howard Hughes the Texas millionaire, pilot, and filmmaker whose reputation as a cinematic provocateur was matched only by that as a prolific womanizer His supposed conquests between his first divorce in the late s and his marriage to actress Jean Peters inincluded many of Hollywood s most famous actresses, among them Billie Dove, Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and Lana Turner From promoting bombshells like Jean Harlow and Jane Russell to his contentious battles with the censors, Hughes perhaps than any other filmmaker of his era commoditized male desire as he objectified and sexualized women Yet there were also numerous women pulled into Hughes grasp who never made it to the screen, sometimes virtually imprisoned by an increasingly paranoid and disturbed Hughes, who retained multitudes of private investigators, security personnel, and informers to make certain these actresses would not escape his clutches Vivid, perceptive, timely, and ridiculously entertaining, Seduction is a landmark work that examines women, sex, and male power in Hollywood during its Golden Age a legacy that endures nearly a century later I have listened to Karina Longworths podcast for a few years and thought I d enjoy her new book I was not disappointed Lots of well researched stories of starlets and actors Howard Hughes is a persistent presence in most of the stories If your interested in Hughes and old Hollywood you will really like this book It s somwwhat dense in detail, but never too much to bog down the stories.Congratulations Karina, now write a book on the Mark Brothers I should preface this review by saying that I haven t completed the book yet However, I m finding it tedious to get through, even after the first couple hundred pages I am fascinated by old Hollywood and particularly Howard Hughes I m gonna try to trudge through and hope it can capture my attention, but I m just not sure I really was hoping to be captivated by this book and have trouble putting it down So far, no But I will review again if I manage to finish it. Worst book ever, I was looking forward to reading about Howard Hughes It has , so little about him and all about old producers, directors, and movies