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Fascinating insight into the French situation during World War 2 All the chapters start in one place and ramble through the descriptions of about 10 people, ending up some where completely different I thought I was going bonkers, but it does actually repeat information about various people written slightly differently I thought I ve read this before, well I had just 3 chapters ago When on your kindle it says there is 7 hours of this book left Give up, life s to short There s not even that much about Chanel in it. Far from worrying about the onset of war, in the spring ofthe burning question on the French Riviera was whether one should curtsey to the Duchess of Windsor Few of those who had settled there thought much about what was going on in the rest of Europe It was a golden, glamorous life, far removed from politics or conflictFeaturing a sparkling cast of artists, writers and historical figures including Winston Churchill, Daisy Fellowes, Salvador Dal, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Eileen Gray and Edith Wharton, with the enigmatic Coco Chanel at its heart, CHANELS RIVIERA is a captivating account of a period that saw some of the deepest extremes of luxury and terror in the whole of the twentieth centuryFrom Chanels first summer at her Roquebrune villa La Pausa in the later years with her German lover amid the glamour of the pre war parties and casinos in Antibes, Nice and Cannes to the horrors of evacuation and the displacement of thousands of families during the Second World War, CHANELS RIVIERA explores the fascinating world of the Cote dAzur elite in the s and s Enriched with much original research, it is social history that brings the experiences of both rich and poor, protected and persecuted, to vivid life A very enjoyable read, an amazing woman, so selfish in some ways, but amazingly generous to both friends and strangers all her life Certainly, educated me on how the people in the South of France suffered during the war Especially after the Germans took overafter the Italians left towards the end of hostilities How very sweet is freedom We must appreciate it. A very good read Interesting and informative I had no idea of the deprivation and hardship the French suffered not only under German occupation but also from their own countrymen but also the treatment of the Jewish people living in France at that time all interwoven with the life of Chanel. Great description of life during the 2nd world war brilliant designer difficult upbringing took all her opportunities during the war Such an interesting read Well recommended. Chanel s Riviera is an enthralling, informative secondary source account of life on the French Riviera, commencing in 1930 until the closing stages of World War II Hitler always regarded the French Third Republic 1870 until 10 July 1940 as a threat to Germany, one which had to be eliminated fighting on two front was militarily, industrially and financially impractical Hence, blitzkrieg was his approach to war The attack on France commenced at 4 35 am French time on 10 May 1940 An armistice was signed on 22 June 1940, which came into effect on 25 June, exactly 46 days Initially, life on the C te d Azur continued to be populated by those who were wealthy, Coco Chanel being one of the prime examples In 1925 Chanel met Hugh Grovener, 2nd Duke of Westminster, known as Bendor to his intimates at a party in Monty Carlo Their romantic liaison was to last for the next ten years In 1927, Chanel purchased a plot of land at Roquebrune, Cap Martin and had the only home she ever owned designed and built for her, which she named La Pausa, as a private love nest for her and Bendor However, the affair had run its course by about 1935 and having lost her subsequent lover, Paul Iribe, who collapsed during a game of tennis at La Pausa and died of a heart attack in her arms she sold the property and spent the remainder of her life living at the Ritz, Paris Throughout the war, Chanel, who was both pro Nazi and highly antisemitic, took a new and controversial lover, Baron Hans G nther von Dincklage, known as Spatz , an SS intelligence officer Patriotism to France was never part of Chanel s character Life on the Riviera gradually became dangerous and restricted Equally, food, electricity and fuel progressively became scarce but little of these factors impacted on Chanel On the 28 August 1944 the German s began their withdrawal from France Chanel was interviewed by members of the Comit d puration but after brief questioning was released without charge Taking the hint, she and von Dincklage made their way to neutral Switzerland, where she remained for the next eight years, until her return to Paris to restart her couturier business This is a well researched and interesting read, concerning what until now has been an overlooked part of French history, which introduces a range of other actors, many of whom were part of the Chanel set This is a highly enjoyable and interesting read By the way, the significance of red ink is explained in the book. First part of book provides light on the way the rich and famous lived before SWWar by examining details of individual lifestyles Very interesting as it includes Edward V111 after abdication, Churchill and a host of other well known characters The later main part provides detailed insight of what happened in France after surrender and in particular how terribly the Jews were treated by the Nazis I found it easily readable and interesting enough for me to finish it in 3 evenings very unusual Well worth a read.