Best Time Is Tight: My Life, Note by Note (English Edition) Nach Booker T Jones –

His plantation is Stax Records Booker T Jones, Memphis multi instrumentalist who can play the clarinet, the oboe, the saxophone, guitar, bass, piano, organ, drums and , has written his biography And it turned out to be a really unconventional book, as Jones is criss crossing through time and place Divided into short essays the book tells us of Jones s youth, his first sessions at Satellite Records, his first live appearances, the formation and success of Booker T The MGs, the fertile years as a part of the Stax Records recording team, his move away from Memphis to the West Coast, his career as a composer of movie soundtracks etc and not necessarily in this order This is another patchwork blanket, but one that makes sense His private life is laid out like a map And how he came to be playing bass on Dylan s Knockin On Heaven s Door or his house was pulled out to sea, how his third wife introduced him to literature, and I guess, without her this book would not have been possible We are told how Booker T and The MGs plus the Mar Keys horn section backed Otis Redding at the Monterrey Festival which was Redding s US breakthrough Booker T Jones and his bandmates were also part of the Stax Volt Revue that was met with sold out shows and unprecedented fan enthusiasm in Europe in 1967 Surprisingly Jones does not even mention it No words on the 1993 tours with Neil Young or the collaboration with Creedence Clearwater Revival, but on playing in the White House with Barack Obama attending in shirt sleeves or a year later even with the President singing a few bars of Let s Stay Together.Jones had not always been treated fairly by Stax Records not only exploiting his potential as an artist, but also obviously cutting him low on royalties and denying him publishing rights , by his fellow musicians Steve Cropper recorded and released a Booker T The MGs without telling Booker T about it and with a different organ player , by his wives cheating on him and wasting his money without his consent , by life in general losing one of his sons early So let us grant him a generous bit of name dropping He tells us about all these things, and also about many songs in detail, yet his lengthy descriptions of chord progressions are a bit tedious Also the book loses momentum towards the end due to the fact that Booker T s career loses momentum His political awareness always shines through, also when he cites from an interview in which Steve Cropper accuses Dr Martin Luther King of being responsible for his own death Even before finishing the book we have learned who Booker T is was with all his faults, bragging, weaknesses, strengths. The long awaited memoir of Booker T Jones, leader of the famed Stax Records house band, architect of the Memphis soul sound, and one of the most legendary figures in music From Booker T Joness earliest years in segregated Memphis, music was the driving force in his life While he worked paper routes and played gigs in local nightclubs to pay for lessons and support his family, Jones, on the side, was also recording sessions in what became the famous Stax Studios all while still in high school Not long after, he would form the genre defining group Booker T and the MGs, whose recordings went on to sell millions of copies, win a place in Rolling Stones list of topsongs of all time, and help forge collaborations with some of the eras most influential artists, including Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, and Sam Dave Nearly five decades later, Joness influence continues to help define the music industry, but only now is he ready to tell his remarkable life story Time is Tight is the deeply moving account of how Jones balanced the brutality of the segregationist South with the loving support of his family and community, all while transforming a burgeoning studio into a musical mecca Culminating with a definitive account into the inner workings of the Stax label, as well as a fascinating portrait of working with many of the eras most legendary performers Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Tom Jones, among them this extraordinary memoir promises to become a landmark moment in the history of Southern Soul I can t rate this as it was our purchased as a gift for a music lover for Christmas One of the unheralded musical geniuses of our time knows his way around a sentence The little musical phrases starting each chapter are cool as well. Green Onions is one of my favorite songs Now he s a favorite writer too I hope he writes I knew a bit about Stax Was ignorant about his work with Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, so many And his attitude about life is refreshing and inspiring. The way the book is organized is different brief reflections that toggle between years while still holding the Mr.Jone s narrative of his life Details of his childhood, musical education both formal and informal and the creative process at Stax are captivating Why not 5 stars he seems to gloss over the conflicts in his life such as the racial tension within the MG s, the issues that he had with Stax and his many failed relationships By his own admission he offers that early in life he loathed conflict It is a trait that comes through in his book This prevents the reader from better understanding the man and his genius He closes the book on a very personal note re his family which is comforting to know yet by the end it does not seem that he made sense of his life s arc or did not want to share with the reader. Overall, I liked this book, but don t get why the chapters are out of chronological order I guess he s trying to emulate Dylan s Chronicles, which has this same annoying trait.The book has a few typos, such as spelling Lansky Brothers as Lanksy And using vice when he means vise Curiously, the book fails to mention the shocking death of his troubled ex wife Priscilla. This is one of the best memoirs I ve ever read I truly am enjoying it and would highly recommend it The book covers a lot ground, both as distance and time, and the way he s written it really draws you into each place I feel like I ve learned so much about music, people, culture, historyI could easily ramble on, but I highly recommend checking this out I hope he wins an award for it Thank you, Booker T I live in Memphis where Booker T is a legend and a significant part of the Stax legacy But where is he and what has he been up to This book answers that story and turns out he s been up to quite a lot on the West Coast Making music mainly and some great stories But also living and loving and unfortunately, occasionally riding out the music business when it s not too kind to you and you are out of favor Booker T is fascinating as he was so young when he was famous and chose to still continue in to college at the University of Indiana Not a typical choice for a Memphis intercity kid but for Booker T it was the right choice to continue his musical development this book is full of the Stax story but he also gets in to some of his bands issues which there always are But what i was not familiar with was the last 20 years of his life which he has lived at various places on the West Coast and what his love life had to do with his career It s an excellent story of Memphis Music as it moved to the West Coast in his case I enjoyed his book immensely and hope it is very successful. Booker T is an interesting guy The book doesn t do him justice The shifting narrative is somewhat confusing and he does some strange things, like explaining his songs with musical chord detail that goes right past most readers What kind of a decision was that There is a good story buried in this book For example, Booker had already had a hit with Green Onions and the band was up and running, and he still followed through with his four year commitment to get a degree from the University of Indiana How many people would do that I enjoyed learning about him but the writing and content choices were confusing and came up short.