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On August five days after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown ignited race riots throughout the city of Ferguson, Missouri, the nation found an unlikely hero in Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol Charged with the Herculean task of restoring peace between a hostile African American community and the local police, Johnson, ayear law enforcement veteran and an African American, did the unthinkable He took off his bulletproof vest and joined the protesters Thedays and nights that followed were the most trying of Johnson s life professionally, emotionally, and spiritually Officers in his own command called him a traitor Lifelong friends stopped speaking to him The media questioned and criticized his every decision Alone at the center of the firestorm, with only his family and his faith to cling to, Johnson persevered in his belief that the only way to effectively bridge the divide between black and blue is to literally walk across it InDays in Ferguson, Johnson shares, for the first time, his view of what happened during theturbulent days he spent stabilizing the city of Ferguson, and the extraordinary impact those two historic weeks had on his faith, his approach to leadership, and what he perceives to be the most viable solution to the issues of racism and prejudice in America

7 thoughts on “13 Days in Ferguson: A Memoir (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: Captain Ronald Johnson, Alan Eisenstock, Ronald Johnson, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

  1. GK GK says:

    The author neglects to inform his readers that Michael was a thief and petty criminal I m black myself so I m not being racist He portrays the parents as if a great injustice was done to an angel The parents should be asking themselves, how did we allow our child grow up a criminal Yes there was racism but Michael was not innocent He did assault a police officer He did threaten a police officer He was shot because he did not cooperate with the police He was not an innocent bystander The author seems to ignore all of that and paints a slightly distorted picture of both the black and the white community.

  2. Mentor Mentor says:

    Captain Johnson is a brother in Christ, and I am thankful for his book There are so many questions I have for him..he recalls the story of his closest encounter of having to shoot a suspectif that suspect would have grabbed his gunwould it have been different.I once heard another minority officer tell a group of kids that the officer who shot Michael Brown was not a racists if you try to grab my gun, I don t care if you are stripped or poke dotyou are going to get shot But maybe this question and others don t matter Maybe that is why they are not addressedmaybe all that matters is for us to take hope from the leadership that Capt Johnson displayed, and to pray those lessons are remembered Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Rose M. Coleman Rose M. Coleman says:

    I purchased this book to support our local responders I can t wait to read it

  4. Frequent Shopper Frequent Shopper says:

    This book was very well written and compelling I purchased extra copies to give away for Christmas.

  5. LindaL24 LindaL24 says:

    I m someone who NEVER readsand I read this in a day and a half That says a lot

  6. Kenzie Day Kenzie Day says:

    This book put you right in Ferguson during the protest and riots Great read and easy to follow.

  7. performing-arts.co Customer performing-arts.co Customer says:

    Honest Spiritual account of real events sheading light on the full truth od the events