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With a new introduction by Deborah Levy and a striking new cover design by the artist Stanley Donwood, Ballard s final novel sees consumerism evolve into something even sinisterA gunman opens fire in a shopping mall Not a terrorist, apparently, but a madman with a rifle Or not, as he is mysteriously and quickly set free without chargeOne of the victims is the father of Richard Pearson, unemployed advertising executive and life long rebel Now he is driving out to Brooklands, the apparently peaceful town on the M which has at its heart the very shiny shoppers paradise where the shooting happened the Metro CentreThen the main suspect is released thanks to the testimony of self styled pillars of the community like the doctor who treated Richard s father on his deathbed Richard, determined to unravel the mystery, starts to believe that something deeply sinister lurks behind the pristine facades of the labyrinthine mall, itshour cable TV and sports club JG Ballard is among Britain s most famous curmudgeons Cynical in the extreme, this is the man in showed us sodomy in the car wreck Crash and a person devouring a dog on the balcony of a luxury condo High Rise Here, it s about a mega mall and how it poisons the minds of the suburban psyche, how consumerism supplants democracy, how lies become truth, how it fuels xenophobia and violence Good ideas, best expressed by others Ballard is hell bent on telling us what to think about all this I could have reached much of these conclusions on my own without his not so subtle prodding Good ideas here, an apt final work from a genius, but not rewarding, ultimately He s ranting here, and it doesn t make for a satisfying novel. Great read. Not one of Ballard s best but I feel deserves better than the 2.5 star on I love all of Ballard s books. Ballard s Kingdom Come might be viewed as an exaggerated take on 21st century UK, but consumerism as a sort of deity, isolationsism, xenophobia, hooliganism, violence, the cult of celebrity, and a generally dumbed down public are familiar phenomena in dear old Blightie So the book is relevant.Unfortunately, this is a short story dragged out to the length of a novel, the characters are mainly unbleievable, and the narrative is rather dull the prose, of course, is excellent.