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I thoroughly enjoyed this book, written in the form of emails, instant messages, letters and need paper clippings, this Cecelia tells the story of two best friends over 50 years of their lives as they try to navigate through falling in love, marriage, loss, starting families, the story can be frustrating at times, and the urge to knock Rosie and Alex s head together was strong, but I found the book to be beautifully and cleverly written, I laughed so much I also cried and raged, but I LOVE a book that can bring out all the emotions whilst I read If your a fan of contemporary romance this one is definitely for you. Adorable Pocas palabras para describir un libro tan bueno La historia te enamorar y el final te encantar Muy rom ntica True love, friendship and luck a warm hearted novel about where fate can lead you from the No bestselling authorNow being filmed as LOVE, ROSIEBest friends since forever, Rosie and Alex have shared their hopes, dreams, awkward moments and firsts But their bond is threatened when Alex s family move to America They stay in touch, but misunderstandings, circumstances and sheer bad luck seem to be conspiring to keep them apartCan they gamble everything even their friendship on true love Env o perfecto Lleg en muy buenas condiciones y mi amiga logr disfrutarlo como una ni a Libro genial para lectores que buscan un romance. el libro narra una historia muy bien descrita y que emociona Ya estaba emocionada con pd tq pero esta obra es a n mejor. Horrible Incredible book You will read it in 3 days max It s addictive Love it s not always as we imagine, but is still love This novel is the epitomie of romantic slush but I still loved every word The story follows Alex and Rosie, two childhood friends who grow up and together experience life and everything that comes with it It begins with both characters aged 7 and ends when they are 50 The novel is written in a series of letters, emails and instant messages mainly from Alex and Rosie, but does also include correspondents from other minor characters too While the letter writing may be perceived as something which cannot truly show the entire story, it does nothing to hinder the intensity between Rosie and Alex and if anything improves the perspective because it reaches a personal level, revealing feelings that may not have been expressed out loud when one was in the company of the other.I don t think this book would sit very well with someone who doesn t like romance, but in my opinion I think it is Ahern s best work Previous novels of hers that I have read are P.S I Love You and How to Fall in Love Both of these were also romance stories, but neither compare to story of Rosie and Alex Every page is a very frustrating read because you just want to scream at both characters for wasting their lives not falling in love with each other.Ahern manages to successfully narrate these two characters all the way through their childhood, adolescence and into their adulthood while preserving an authentic and realistic voice Not only is the book completely honest but it really captures a true relationship between two people, further Ahern doesn t leave out anything, it s funny, painfully awkward and completely veracious throughout Both Rosie and Alex are relatable their arguments are petty and they both make stupid decisions, but that only made me love them While the ending may be inevitable, you spend every page just waiting for it to happen. Es una novela singularmente escrita y una historia inspiradora, divertida y a veces triste que, sin necesidad de h roes o an cdotas fant sticas, te atrapa y te refresca la visi n de la vida real con temas tan cotidianos como la familia, la amistad, los errores, el amor, la superaci n, las p rdidas, el sufrimiento y los logros. I loved it from the minute I started reading it I got inmerse in the story til the very end If you want to read a story of love surviving time, this is the book for you