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The final instalment in the Strain trilogy by the world famous director of Pan s Labyrinth and Hellboy Now a popularTV show.The night belongs to them, and it will be a night eternal After the blasts, it was all over Nuclear Winter has settled upon the earth Except for one hour of sunlight a day, the whole world is plunged into darkness It is a near perfect environment for vampires They have won It is their time.Almost every single man, woman and child has been enslaved in vast camps across the globe Like animals, they are farmed, harvested for the sick pleasure of the Master Race.Almost, but not all Somewhere out there, hiding for their lives, is a desperate network of free humans, continuing the seemingly hopeless resistance Everyday people, with no other options among them Dr Ephraim Goodweather, his son Zack, the veteran exterminator Vassily, and former gangbanger Gus.To be free, they need a miracle, they need divine intervention But Salvation can be a twisted game one in which they may be played like pawns in a battle of Good and Evil And at what cost

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  1. rnolivas rnolivas says:

    Personally I think that this is probably the best part of the Strain trilogy because you can understand the striogis origins but the end of the book is solve very fast in a way that you can expect reading the first pages of the book.

  2. Chicago Mermaid Chicago Mermaid says:

    I bought the 1st two books and loved them A lot of the things that go on in the TV show are there but, some are different So, when I purchased the 3rd installment of The Strain, I immediately started reading on my Kindle I just couldn t put it down I had to stop and charge my Kindle right in the midst of so much tension and excitement I actually read it in 3 days That s how good it is I don t want to reveal some of the plot line but, I am amazed about how the Ancients and the Master were created I love these three books and if there are any books by this author, I will buy them immediately Buy it Don t listen to some of these bad reviews If you want to read a book that keeps you intensely interested, this is IT

  3. Jenni DaVinCat Jenni DaVinCat says:

    I read this series long before they made a TV show about it, in fact, I still haven t actually seen the show but I d like to.I really enjoyed the first two books, but the third book fell short for me Fet and Gus were the only two people that I cared about at that point because the rest of the characters, whether it was through their attitudes or their storyline, became boring and unlikeable I did finish the book, but I found myself wishing that it was shorter or that I was closer to the end, it wasn t holding my attention like the first two in the series.Speaking of the ending, I won t give it away but it was very predictable.If you enjoy the show hopefully it s fairly similar to the books , then please give the book series a try I know the third book may fall a little short in quality but as a whole the series is very interesting and well researched The first two books build an amazing world inside your head and you ll want to find out what happens next, just be warned that the third book may disappoint slightly.

  4. FM FM says:

    NON SpoilerI felt the first two books were great The events carried me through and I almost read the series in one sitting I felt the same way about book 3, until I got to the ending I felt that, by the time I got to the ending, there were so many holes that I was left wanting Sure, the story ended, but the plot at the end was riddled with questions I actually felt that I should have not read book three and just waited for the third season for some closure.SPOILER What I feel killed book three for me was when after the nuclear bomb detonated Michael the murdered one shows up with the other angel and takes the combined form of the Master Ozryel and resurrects him Ozryel, along with the other ancients, were responsible for the woes experienced by the human race Heck, the Master was responsible for innumerable deaths and suffering of human beings And then what They fly back up to heaven That s it.The Epilogue was nice, but it couldn t fill the whole I felt after reading that the angel was let back into heaven Made no sense to me If I would have known about that kind of ending I would have stopped at book 2 Next time I ll check the reviews.

  5. G. Ridgeway G. Ridgeway says:

    Coming to the end of any good story, especially when it really draws you in always is a bummer no matter how good There have been few stories that I have read in my life that left me feeling absolutely satisfied.Now I really did enjoy the ending of the book, I am very glad that this was a trilogy and not something longer I was speaking with a few friends whom had read the trilogy recently and they felt that it should have been a series, and gone much into depth as to what else was going on in the world But I greatly disagree In many ways, I would classify this story as fantasy horror, of course not the high fantasy of the might and magic style, but it certainly follows a similar strain pun intended of following chosen heroes, as they fight against all odds to defeat the all powerful antagonist Yeah there is much going on in the grand scheme of things, but these heroes are who we follow.It hard to comment to deeply on the story without giving something away, but I can say that I really enjoyed first off that the book had jumped ahead several years in time, so that what we get, is a book which is much much different in tone, mood and approach then the other two books The writing is great, you get a nice sense of this gothic bleakness which the world has become, as the writing depicts the darkened and sick sky, and the desolation of the city and earth left behind It has a similar feel to watching a well made film about WW2, which I think was intentional on the authors parts, and rightly so At the end of the day, I really really enjoyed this trilogy I can see myself in a year or , picking them up again and having another read But I have to admit, I feel satisfied, but almost like watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy They are damn good, and you love them all, but when the credits finally role on the last film, there is a part of you that is glad it is finally over lol.I would highly recommend this trilogy, and I would suggest that you read them before you watch the TV series, if you are wondering why I say this, read my review of the first and second book I explain it there.Was an exciting and fun Ride Thanks Del Toro and Hogan, you fellows did some good story telling