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Bobby singer has been a hunter since Sam and Dean Winchester were in diapers, and he s hunted every monster, spirit and demon there is He s become a surrogate father to dean and Sam, and their most trusted Ally

8 thoughts on “Supernatural. Bobby Singer's Guide To Hunting

  1. Ruby Merchant Ruby Merchant says:

    Not bad at all but it could a been better.I expected differently anyways not just a book bout mere creatures inside Winchester s life but a book that would serve as a following catch up with the series,I dunnomaybe this book s forefront had me fooled from the start or somethingNot entirely disappointed but a little if mind my saying.It s a page turner though if you are engulfed into Sam and Dean same as I am.Some references of Sam and Dean inside the book but particularly vague ones a pity to my like I must say.

  2. Nat Nat says:

    Fue un regalo para mi hermano, y menuda envidia Est lleno de detalles, historias y en resumen, de datos muy interesantes de la serie Adem s de estar escrito desde el punto de vista de uno de los mejores personajes.

  3. Cliente howtoclaimbackppi.co Cliente howtoclaimbackppi.co says:

    Me ha enamorado el libro.

  4. Cliente howtoclaimbackppi.co Cliente howtoclaimbackppi.co says:

    Exactamente como en la foto.

  5. Klint-psk Klint-psk says:

    Interesante y escrito de forma coherente con el personaje de Bobby No lo parece, pero es un gran a adido para los fans de la serie.

  6. Maroua Maroua says:

    Estoy una gran fan de los Winchesters y este libro me ha hech feliz Muchas Gracias por su atencion y su envio.

  7. gabriel gabriel says:

    Me gustar a saber si hay alg n t tulo de alguna gu a de la serie de supernatural que este en castellano gracias

  8. PJ 83 PJ 83 says:

    Awesome I love this book You can t help but read it in Bobbys voice lol just Brilliant A must have for any spn fan