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I did not believe in ghosts Few attend Mrs Alice Drablow s funeral, and not one blood relative amongst them There are undertakers with shovels, of course, a local official who would rather be anywhere else, and one Mr Arthur Kipps, solicitor from London He is to spend the night in Eel Marsh House, the place where the old recluse died amidst a sinking swamp, a blinding fog and a baleful mystery about which the townsfolk refuse to speak Young Mr Kipps expects a boring evening alone sorting out paperwork and searching for Mrs Drablow s will But when the high tide pens him in, what he finds or rather what finds him is something else entirelyIn the Backstory discover classic ghost stories and some real life ones tooVintage Children s Classics is a twenty first century classics list aimed at year olds and the adults in their lives Discover timeless favourites from The Jungle Book and Alice s Adventures in Wonderland to modern classics such as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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    Ha cumplido con las expectativas.

  2. Filippo Cestari Filippo Cestari says:

    Quiz es esta la mejor novela de Hill hasta ahora Es espectacular, con descripciones que hacen vivir las im genes representadas.

  3. Kezzlou85 Kezzlou85 says:

    Arthur Kipps is sent to the former house of Mrs Drablow to sort through her paperwork The house is alone and empty, no one in the local area will go near it nor explain why Arthur begins to wonder why and soon he is confronted with the lady in blackWhat a creepy, chilling story This is a detailed and atmospheric ghost story Not to be read late at night The story itself is interesting and definitely eerie The ending though, oh wow was not expecting that but it was so dark A fantastic read, Susan Hill really knows how to scare her readers.

  4. Lady Fancifull Lady Fancifull says:

    Susan Hill s transmogrified into many media The Woman In Black remains a wonderful, atmospheric ghost story, still holding its own after its 30 plus years in print Though I m amazed amused shocked to find that it is now listed as a best seller on in the CHILDREN S ebook category I don t believe it was initially written, or published for that market So I m not quite sure what this shows the literary sophistication of children Sure, post a film starring Daniel Harry Potter Radcliffe, probably new audiences are coming to the book, but it is quite a slowly paced, literary piece of writing hence its standing the test of time on a re read for this reader It s a properly paced, slow burn, atmospheric piece of writing, with a wonderful sense of lonely place set on the North East coast, much of the horror arises from Hill s ability to create an eerie, beautiful, mysterious and isolated tidal estuary landscape, complete with the suckings and soughings, the glimmers, glistens and dankness of wind, water and sea frets.Arthur Kipps, now a middle aged man on his second marriage, is immured in a family Christmas His teenage stepsons embark, in high spirits, on the telling of ghost storiesUnwillingly, the years roll back memories of a quarter of a century and ago, when Kipps, then a young solicitor, was sent to deal with the estate of a recently deceased reclusive woman in her eighties, who had lived in isolation in a house at Eel Marsh, some distance form a little market town called Crythin Gifford Eel Marsh can only be reached when the tide is out, and is then completely cut off from the outside world, and the outside world from it, once the tide comes in again There was some unexplained horror to do with Eel Marsh Locals drop veiled hints, but Kipps, a pragmatic, modern young man, not given to flights of fancy is of course dismissive..until.This is a proper Victorian Gothic style story, even though set in a modern era Everything is done through its effect on Kipps, the slow drip drip of fear and horror into his psyche It s a superb ratcheting up of horror, and there is nothing to cynically laugh at, no crass clankings of chains and slamming doors, opening graves and the like Hill takes normalcy and just progressively makes it go wrong, chill and definitely evil We had travelled perhaps three miles, and passed no farm ofr cottage, no kind of dwelling house at all, all was emptiness Then, the hedgerows petered out, and we seemed to be driving towards the very edge of the world Ahead, the water gleamed like metal..I realized this must be the Nine Lives Causeway..and saw, how, when the tide came in, it would quickly be quite submerged and untraceable..we went on, almost in silence, save for a hissing, silky sort of sound Here and there were clumps of reeds, bleached bone pale, and now and again the faintest of winds caused them to rattle dryly And that s BEFORE the sea frets come A short, chilly, chilly read Hill is a writer who understands less is and has no need for crude schlock effects.

  5. Jojo Jojo says:

    Love this story A young man is sent to a remote part of the country to sort out the financial papers of a deceased spinster The town is rife with chilling stories and rumours surround the strange house and in particular, one malevolent ghost Whilst there he encounters a catalogue of blood chilling occurrences, but nothing as horrific as what he has to endure a year later.