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End of Century Mole An accidental celebrity, with a spreading bald patch, despairing of current family values, Mole is still worrying Is Viagra cheating Why won t BBC1 produce The White Van, his serial killer comedy Will the Millennium Wheel EVER turn Will Pandora Braithwaite MP become Blair s favourite babe Will Pauline Mole throw caution to the winds with a pre millennuim fling Will George Mole regain his erectile function And will Adrian himself find the fulfilment he seeks as celebrity offal chef, single parent, and celibate novelist

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  1. Fultonbot Fultonbot says:

    Adrian s last outing The Lost Years, or The Wilderness Years, depending on your geographic location and luck with bargain bins was quite good, but seemed a bit disjointed and not alltogether familiar, unlike the first two books Such was the nature of the subject, following Adrian through his college age years and into early adulthood It was an encouraging new beginning from Sue Townsend, but not completely satisfying.The new book, Adrian Mole The Cappuccino Years captures the spirit of the old Mole books perfectly The reader will feel at home albeit a completely disfunctional one with the love low life shenanigans of Adrian s parents, his sister, and grandparents, as well as his many weird and wonderful friends.Townsend s knack for identifying trends and pop culture has been re invigorated For example The appearance of another well known diarist and its affect on Adrian and his writing is absolutely hilarious.Adrian still does not get it all the time, and he is completely inept with his love life At some points you might get so mad at the characters that you want to scream at them However the disarming, underlying sweetness of it all will catch you off guard You will soon find yourself laughing at it instead It is over much to fast, leaving the reader begging for hear that Ms Townsend This is a wonderful book If you are new to the series, I would suggest, that you read the other 3 books first, because it will make this one all the enjoyable.

  2. Catherine S. Vodrey Catherine S. Vodrey says:

    Sue Townsend s great success in creating the character of Adrian Mole has been to come up with a boy and eventually, a man who despite having gone through the normal trials of growing up, falling in and out of love, fatherhood, divorce, and so on never, ever really gets it Adrian Mole is truly extraordinary in terms of his near genius talent for cluelessness while still remaining remarkably sympathetic The reader has a relieved sense of That could have been me through much of Adrian Mole The Cappucino Years Adrian has grown into a 30 year old man who is divorced and has a humiliating job as a chef and host of a cooking show by the hilarious title of Offally Good He doesn t understand or particularly want to understand his young son William, and he remains appalled at his bad fortune to be born into a family he considers to be beneath him Adrian is, full on and fully realized, the person any of us could be if we d stubbornly refused to learn from any of our mistakes.

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    All of the Adrian Mole diaries are essential to the whole Some are a bit harder to get through than others This is one of the less action packed but still enjoyable Pick up a later diary and you ll realize you need to read it Save it for a rainy day read but read it.

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    I followed Adrian Mole s teenage years in the first two books in the Adrian Mole series, but then sort of drifted away I thought this book, the fifth in the eight book series, would offer an excellent opportunity to catch up with Adrian, and that was a good choice.By this time Adrian has a few marriages behind him and a few children as well He still is hopelessly in love with Pandora, which is complicated by the fact that his parents and her parents have engaged in a bit of spouse swapping All of the old characters make appearances, but of course there are many new characters and all sorts of new travails in this volume If you need a refresher, there is a very nice summary of this book on Wikipedia that will bring you up to speed on the story to date and will remind you who all the players are.As before, Adrian s life is just one damn thing after another, and he takes great care in his diary to lay it out for us in all its stupendous and frustrating complexity There is the trademark Mole humor, again equally balanced between lines he intends as humor and observations that are, to him, unintentionally funny We address family life, parenthood, growing pains, parents, the politics and culture of the day, marriage, sex, work, and existential angst with Adrian s usual combination of hope, self delusion, optimism, and sardonic wit On the plus side, while the author apparently delights in tormenting Mole, there are many bits of brightness and goodwill in Adrian s life, such that one never gives up hope for him and he never totally gives in to despair.And so it goes, as Adrian Mole drives on along the path we all must follow It was good to visit with him again, and I finished this book wishing him well Please note that I secured a free advance ecopy of this book without a review requirement, or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.