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THE ELEVENTH BOOK IN THE BELOVED NOLADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY SERIESThe one with the difficult auntThe nolady detectives of Botswana travel to a safari lodge in the Okavango Delta to carry out a delicate mission on behalf of a former guest It is a beautiful place full of dangerous, untamed creatures some of them human As Mma Ramotswe investigates, it becomes clearer that there is another mystery right under her nose that needs solving Mma Makutsi is troubled by her fiance Phuti Radiphuti s reluctance to set a date for their weddingIn such matters at least Mma Ramotswe is on familiar terrain Good service at a keen price. Not thrilling but still a good read, preferably with a nice cup of tea redbush of course These stories promote the traditional pleasures, values and courtesies of old Botswana, as presented to us by the good characters The series formula still works but I now find myself second guessing the clients stories long before the ladies get around to it Sometimes there seems to be too much serendipity to their successes, and not enough detection Perhaps that s a good thing, these are women with loving husbands and good friends, who enjoy shopping, chatting and watching the world go by These are definitely not skinny tough girls in scruffy jeans and thick sweaters, with no sense of humour, who are too busy to comb their hair or sit down to eat a home cooked meal, i.e the driven loners of the Nordic noir So far neither Precious Ramotswe nor Grace Makutsi has been kidnapped, beaten up or shot, and I sincerely hope they never will be Threatened, yes they wouldn t be good detectives if they didn t sometimes make the baddies nervous. I have read all the Ladies No.1 detective agency series and love every one of them The author has the rare gift of writing something very simply and yet often profound People never do the right thing any They decided what is best for them and call that the right thing, Mma Ramotswe said in one of the earlier books The originality of the concept, the humour and the rose coloured look at life in a land where people still behave decently combine to make all the books in this series a joy to read The characterisation can t be faulted and I refuse to watch the television programs based on these books because I don t want to lose the colourful characters I have in my mind.I have been fortunate enough to go on safari to Botswana and can concur that the Batswana must be some of the warmest and kindest people in the world which for me makes The Ladies No.1 Detective series all the vibrant. All the usual favourites make an appearance in this next installment following the adventures of Mma Ramotswe, Botswana s No 1 and quite likely only Lady Detective Once there is trouble in store for the scheming Violet Sephotho, cars for Mr J L B Matekoni to fix, and Mma Makutsi gets a new pair of boots Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi go on safari, poor old Phuti has a few problems, but it s nothing that the indomitable Mma Potokwani cannot deal with Once told with the lightness of touch which has characterised the series, the joys of the relaxed Botswana lifestyle shine through Mr McCall Smith delicately paints a portrait of how we should reflect upon and enjoy what is important in life.I m tempted to book next holiday at the Double Comfort Safari Club, although I ll be on look out for the hippos Anyone care to join