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From the author of The Horse Whisperer comes the phenomenalNew York Times bestseller, an extraordinary new novel of love, family, and man s struggle with the wildA pack of wolves makes a sudden savage return to the Rocky Mountain ranching town of Hope, Montana, where a century earlier they were slaughtered by the thousands Biologist Helen Ross has come to Hope from the East, fleeing a life in shambles, determined to save the wolves from those who seek to destroy them But an ancient hatred awaits her in Hope, a hatred that will tear a family and ultimately the community apart And soon Helen is at the center of the storm, by loving the wrong man, by defying the wrong man by daring to lead a town out of the violent darkness of its past Visit the Nicholas Evans Web site at HARD TO PUT DOWN Very good book, as expected As a wolves lover, it makes you angry at humanity. I love this author s work which are all stand alone novels but this one is my favourite, and the reassembled for the audio book brings the story to life It can be a hard listen but I wanted to keep listening to it, it took me five days to listen to in its entirety but it took me away to another world. Having read The Smoke Jumper I bought The Loop and The Horse Whisperer They were both great and I have since bought ALL his other books Good decision