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He s back Mole, now an angst ridden 38, is still coping with life in middle England as a single parent to Glen and William, and battling his own particular weapon of mass destruction.Marigold and I quarrelled last night as to which of us has the most monstrous mother and only stopped when Marigold screamed, You couldn t find my clitoris if you were led there by Sir Ranulph Fiennes After she d slammed out I consulted The Joy of Sex and discovered that I d probably been playing too much attention to relevantly unimportant bits of her genitalia whilst ignoring the clitoris, yet it had been staring me in the face for the last eighteen months.Glenn rang at 2 am from somewhere in Iraq to say that his standard issue army boots had melted in the desert heat and could I get Parcel Force to rush him some size ten Timberlands. This is an amazing book, and I enjoyed it immensely It s the first Adrian Mole I have read, and while I always try to start a series with the first book, I am glad I made an exception I want to read the rest of the series as soon as possible I am not going to try to describe the plot except to say that it s a genius combination of humor and sensitivity to the difficulties of everyday life Highly recommended. This is the first Adrian Mole book I read, and absolutely loved it The humor and situations Mr Mole found himself in were great and often had me laughing out loud Being a fan of Jane Eyre, I loved the few mentions also This is one book that made me sad when I finished reading, and can not wait to read of this author s books I remembered them as being beautifully written, all those years ago when I and the rest of the world discovered Adrian Mole, aged 13 and 3 4 I had great hopes for the TV series, but apart from Ian Dury s stunning theme I m Profoundly In Love With Pandora it left me a bit underwhelmed.I gave up after that and didn t even notice the follow ups I m in New Zealand and in those days, records, magazines etc they all took a while to get here to the other end of the planet.So I downloaded as much Sue Townsend as I can and I m working my through the whole series The writing and structure is so much better than I remember These stories still make me laugh out loud Mind you, I ve just turned 61 and it s getting harder to find things to laugh about but these are magnificent.If that s been a while for you, PLEASE give Adrian another shot He s worth it.