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A gloriously uplifting story about love in all its forms from the Number One Sunday Times bestselling author of The Reading Group and Things I Want My Daughters to KnowTess has a secret one which is going to turn her life upside down in just nine months timeThe only person she can confide in is her beloved grandmother But Iris is slipping further away each dayThen chance brings a stranger into Tess s life Gigi s heart goes out to Tess, knowing what it s like to feel alone She s determined to show her that there s a silver lining to every cloudAs their unlikely friendship blossoms, Tess feels inspired to open up But something still holds her back until she discovers Iris has a secret of her own A suitcase of letters from another time, the missing pieces of a life she never sharedCould the letters hold the answers that Tess thought lost for ever An uplifting, unforgettable story about keeping secrets, taking chances and finding happiness where you least expect it Nobody weaves a complex web of stories with quite the same skill as Elizabeth Noble An uplifting read written with wry humour, insight and sensitivity Sunday ExpressNoble specialises in warm hearted tearjerkers with strong connections between women Daily Mail A heart warmer Prima Packed with intrigue Yours Magazine

15 thoughts on “Letters to Iris: The most uplifting book you will read this year, from the Number One bestselling author

  1. Juliet Bingham Juliet Bingham says:

    Letters to Iris and Love Iris is the identical books Purchased the 2nd book Love Iris thinking it was the latest Elizabeth Noble bookfalse advertising conning clients to purchase the same book but under different titles I am an avid read and track the new novels by my favourite authors.While it was only 2.99, how many other followers were conned..

  2. JaquiP JaquiP says:

    Every now and then, I feel it is very comforting to enjoy a book that isn t gritty, isn t a crime thriller, isn t edgy or intellectually demanding, but envelops you like a warm bath when you need comfort and reassurance that the world isn t really such a terrible place filled with cruel people or evil, that despite modern day issues and dilemmas, with love in our hearts, nice things happen to good people It s a little over long, it s a little hard to believe a guy as perfect as golden boy Oliver could truly exist outside the pages of a book although, wow, wouldn t it be wonderful if guys like him did and where can I find him.I was told, because this writer is a new one to me, that if I like the novels of Jo Jo Moyes, I d like this writer too I think Jo Jo Moyes writes with greater humour and edge, but there are similarities in style In conclusion, I enjoyed the book, was engrossed at times and feel if anyone enjoys sentimental tales, well told, about women s journeys through the life spans for this is a story about love old love, new love, love secrets, life and family then it s an easy, sweet sentimental in an old fashioned sentimental, but in a good sentimental kind of a way book Lovely to temper the tough reads with a nice, gentle nuanced story told from the point of view of women at different times of their lives, beginning, middle and end while always keeping the reader aware, every person has a history and tangles to negotiate whatever stage of life they are at It is a book my own mother would have loved and I thoroughly enjoyed Well constructed, too, juggling the different perspectives.

  3. Stalyvegas Stalyvegas says:

    I have just finished Letters to Iris, I probably read this book too soon, I opened the first page and wept I lost my 98 year old grandmother less than year ago in very similar circumstances This book is so true so real, so painful but beautiful too I cried and hurt, but loved it at the same time.And Tess s story felt really right, it took my breath away once or twice in its perfectness, not chic lit romance at all.

  4. Chris M Chris M says:

    I was a bit disappointed in this book which had a promising beginning It all became annoyingly convenient and verged away from the issue from the past I didn t feel much sympathy for Gigi who became superwoman overnight I did skip out a bit and jump to the end, so I must have cared a bit for the characters I m not sure if I ll read any by this author but will check out a few of her other titles.

  5. Ann L Ann L says:

    This is a terrific read and my favourite book of the year so far It covers many facets of human life, young complicated relationships, the dynamics of family, relationships between older people and the frailties of those at the end of their lives together with bringing a new life into the world against the odds I liked all the characters and was sorry when the book ended I would love to know what happens next Any chance of a sequel

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This is the first time I have read this author and I loved it The book is about mother daughter grandmother relationships and the insights into them are really well written, thought provoking and a pleasure to read It is a gentle book and quite humerous I loved the characters and was quite sad when it ended I shall look forward to reading from this author.

  7. Teenyted Teenyted says:

    I just loved this book, couldn t put it down and at the end, I was sad to leave the characters, wanting to know even about how the their lives developed Yes, some of it was a tiny bit predictable, but I m sure I willed it that way A very enjoyable few hours worth of reading Would love another follow on from this, but will definitely read from this author.

  8. GP GP says:

    Don t know why this book was called Iris because In the end I couldn t see how or why her tragedy had such an impact on her parenting and thus the other characters would have been a great book if her impact made sense and the way it all wrapped up in the end doubt it would happen in real life so I don t know if I d recommend it to my book club

  9. Rosie Rosie says:

    Good read and illustration of family life although the plot was discernible from the beginning almost.Nevertheless I enjoyed this book and the interaction s of the family membersNot sure about Gigi leaving her husband and very quickly jumping into bed with a comparative stranger..not something I thought a dedicated and motherly type would do

  10. Patricia Summerell Patricia Summerell says:

    I loved this book, it spoke to me, it detailed things in my own life, dementia in a family member, the pain of a marriage that no longer satisfies, the reaction of a partner when told of an unexpected pregnancy The love and friendship of your BFF I have lived these moments and totally relate to the characters of all generations

  11. Ger Hogan Ger Hogan says:

    This is a book that stays with you after you ve read it I loved it the characters are very well drawn and the situation so subtly pulled together you can see how relationships can fall into this trap so easily Well done, I ll be reading of this author.

  12. janet f janet f says:

    I enjoyed the flow and warmth of the book I appreciated that whilst at heart it was a gently evolving love story it covered the live and relationships in families Well constructed, kept you engaged and gave insight to inter generational love The heroines were women of different ages, refreshing to gave a grandma dating again.

  13. Customer Customer says:

    Some very good parts between the characters in this book and their relationships with each other Each character is colourful and strong but I found a lot of it predictable and girly chit chat.

  14. pat warbey pat warbey says:

    I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to others The characters, plot and story.line just flow so well A joy to reasd.

  15. Lindylou Lindylou says:

    For me, this book took a bit of getting into However, once I got my head around the characters, I really enjoyed the book I m glad I persevered.