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Christopher Isherwood introduces Sally Bowles in this pre war Berlin novel Set in the s, Goodbye to Berlin, evokes the glamour and sleaze, excess and repression of Berlin society Isherwood shows the lives of people under threat from the rise of the Nazis a wealthy Jewish heiress, Natalia Landauer, a gay couple, Peter and Otto, and an English upper class waif, the divinely decadent Sally Bowles

15 thoughts on “Goodbye To Berlin

  1. D Webster D Webster says:

    I love Isherwood s writing Spare, detailed and poetic He s a real presence in these stories which tell of his time in and around Berlin during the second world war He meets a score of Nazis, Nazi supporters and dysfunctional characters along the way So there is an element of underlying horror as this was probably one of the most notorious and horrific episodes in history Imagine being a fly on the wall in a German household during this time.

  2. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    Not so much a novel as Isherwood s semi fictionalised, loosely linked sketches of his life and acquaintances in pre WWII Berlin, the basis for the famous stage and screen Cabaret Sally Bowles is here, but not a patch on Lisa Minelli s creation The rise of the Nazis is here between the lines, while we meet various individuals whose futures or deaths in the Third Reich we try to imagine A Guardian reviewer said, Reading this is much like overhearing anecdotes in a crowded bar while history knocks impatiently at the windows That sums it up pretty well tantalising, but uninvolving, with very good description than there is story.

  3. WR WR says:

    I ll make this a short review because I mostly agree with the other 4 5 star reviewers.I really enjoyed this book, I haven t seen Caberet so I had no expectations while reading it what I was looking for was a first hand account of Berlin in the 30s Weimar Berlin is very interesting and I have a particular fascination with the modern incarnation of the city, but in order to know a place well one needs to get a feel for the history of that place Isherwood was actually in Berlin in 1929 and spent a lot of time there, and although this book is fictional, I suspect that it is very largely based on real experiences I read on wikipedia that In 1931 he met Jean Ross the inspiration for his fictional character, Sally Bowles I LOVE Sally Bowles, I can relate to this section of the book well, because I know someone very like her I was grinning inanely through most of that chapter.I got EXACTLY what I was looking for with this book He created a very vivid picture of 30 s Berlin and I found it very easy to read He is not overly descriptive with little details about how the city looks etc but he conveys the tone of the city through it s people, who were very vivid in my mind.

  4. H. M. Sykes H. M. Sykes says:

    This is nothing like Berlin Diary by William L Shirer although both cover the later part of the 1930s, it is not punchy and does not contain Shirer s global perspective ot the pre war events in Germany.However, it is charming and well written and good enough to make me want to read by Herr Issyvoo the name his landlady called Isherwood To sum up, the autobiography of a young man, slightly dreamy, living the life of an impoverished student in Berlin to learn German and surviving by teaching English he describes his encounters with the demi monde and the rich alike, all sorts of strange characters, with a rare perception.

  5. Terence Laarge Terence Laarge says:

    I am a camera These are Isherwood s own words and very adequately describe the decadence of Berlin in the very early thirties Wefeel also the very real threat of the Nazis, now on the threshold of full political power, so well observed by the author, that e feel we cansee the events with him.In fact we can see them in the film ,or dvd of Cabaret which is a stage show of Goodbye Berlln.

  6. Zsuzsanna Zsuzsanna says:

    The book is written in a nice English, and the stories are very interesting My problem with it was that it is a bit too noir for me But interesting to see the real stories that the film Cabaret was based upon.

  7. J B Gresham J B Gresham says:

    Although you can see many of the characters from Cabaret here, they are far grittier than the ones in the film Christopher s life in Berlin is in many ways harsh, at one stage lodging with a dysfunctional family at others living virtually from hand to mouth I bought this because I ve seem Cabaret and enjoyed it immensely, don t read it for that reason, read it because it s about an odd man, living in a unique city at a mad time in history.

  8. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    I bought this to read for a book group that I belong to I was not impressed and struggled to finish it.

  9. RWH RWH says:

    We had only really touched upon some works of literature and drama from the Roaring Twenites in school The usual set tests were the Great Gatsby, and A Streetcar named Desire but I still wanted to explore When I was studying Weimar German culture at University, I came across Isherwood s work and I must say I am in love with this writing style.This book is not too over bearing, it does jump around a little bit but, it is nothing too challenging I would really recommended it to anyone who fancies taking glimpse onto life in a changing Germany.

  10. carole jackman carole jackman says:

    A classic book worth reading

  11. Mr. N. Coakley Mr. N. Coakley says:

    Was ok read.

  12. Sheila Mcgill Sheila Mcgill says:

    Nice book

  13. Kit Kit says:

    A brilliantly written diary of the decadent, yet increasingly sinister world of pre war Berlin A fantastic city headed for inevitable ruin.

  14. Annette Lanjouw Annette Lanjouw says:

    And the ignorance, blindness and cowardly adaption to changing political circumstances continues today I recommend this as a beautiful book, but also a prescient one.

  15. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    a great read but if you like cabaret the film this may be a little confusing in places..