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Some great studies in lowly characters Short pieces so easy to drop in and out Plus if your find yourself in a story you don t really dig then at least it ll be over soon.Some moments of greatness, some less so. I like this book by Bukowski because it s just straight forward His style is highlighted in a series of short stories fueled by his alcohol addiction and pragmatic views on society I think this book will be a good introduction for those who seek a different fiction narrative that yet remains contemporary. Good price. Great stuff from start to finish Bukowski has a unique way of looking at the world I don t really know what to say other than I thought it was a great read and my copy is slowly becoming dog eared as I keep returning to it. Hot Water Music is a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski, published inThe collection deals largely with drinking, women, gambling, and writing It is an important collection that establishes Bukowski s minimalist style and his thematic oeuvre What did I find out from Hot Water Music That even though I LOVE Bukowski s novels, which I own and have read multiple times, his short stories leave me cold. Horrible and drag Great Chinasky Nice book, Bukowski is genius, genuine and amazing writer Everybody must know his texts, he writes about real life. Of course work on Thursday kind of sucks, but maybe that s the point Brilliant collection of short stories from the master of American prose From the dark corners of a hopelessly romantic, poetic mind comes strangely genuine illumination like Buddha with a shot or seven of hard liquor.