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Given the importance of what they do, and the controversies that often surround them, and the violent people they sometimes confront, it is remarkable that in the history of the usa only four active federal judges have been murdered

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  1. LabijoseBooks LabijoseBooks says:

    John Grisham nos presenta a Malcolm Bannister, socio minoritario de un peque o bufete, que se encuentra cumpliendo condena por un blanqueo de capitales de los que el protagonista alega ser totalmente inocente Ninguna novedad, pues Tras haber cumplido la mitad de la condena, Bannister ve su oportunidad de terminar su estancia penitenciaria, pues han asesinado a un juez federal, y l anuncia a los federales que sabe qui n ha sido y porqu Pero a cambio de su informaci n reclamar la conmutaci n total de la pena, m s la recompensa que se ofrece por atrapar al asesino.Con esta premisa el autor nos ofrece una novela algo diferente de lo que nos tiene acostumbrados, pues no es el t pico thriller legal, con muchas escenas de juicios y de sus entresijos Lo m s destacable es el personaje protagonista, un tipo del que no sabes lo que pensar, pues hasta casi el final de la novela no se desvela su verdadera personalidad, y los giros que su actuaci n provoca hacen que no sepas a qu atenerte hasta el final del relato Tambi n me ha gustado mucho su cr tica al sistema penitenciario americano, con frases lapidarias, en los que compara el trato a los presos comunes como el de cualquier pa s bananero Si lo que describe es cierto, alguien deber a tomar cartas en el asunto.En su contra, que quiz s lleva el argumento demasiado lejos, haci ndolo poco cre ble a medida que llegamos al desenlace Quiz s se le haya pasado un poquito la mano Claro que, si al escribir lo ha hecho pensando m s en un posible gui n cinematogr fico que como una novela, est claro que el final podr a ser el esperado por la voraz industria de Hollywood A pesar de dicha pega, me lo he pasado muy bien con esta obra Buena lectura de evasi n.

  2. Irene Hilmi Irene Hilmi says:

    Just what it says on the cover No one does it better than Grisham In my opinion he s the master of his genre Guaranteed un putdownable

  3. Jesús Lozano Mosterín Jesús Lozano Mosterín says:

    Es ms un thriller que una novela legal de su estilo.La edicin incluye al final una entrevista con el autor.

  4. Blsn Blsn says:

    John Grisham roza la perfecci n con su nueva novela Es apasionante, adictiva, sorprendente y emocionante Me la le en un par de d as

  5. Catwoman Catwoman says:

    Typical John Grisham, unputdownable with a nice twist at the end I have been reading Grisham for years and enjoyed every one.

  6. Alejandro Martinez Sobrino Alejandro Martinez Sobrino says:

    un thriller emocionante que engancha desde la primera p gina hasta el u turn final como titulo de nuevo el viejo grisham.

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Recommended for all the fans of his books I thoroughly enjoyed the book especially on my new kindle fire which works well.


    Grisham como siempre cuenta una historia y el lector nunca sabe como va a terminar hasta el final

  9. Mandrek Larl Mandrek Larl says:

    I am not a dyed in the wool everything he writes is five stars John Grisham fan, so when I say this is a great book, I really mean this is a great book And while the book might be an easy unputdownable read with a great story, it s the twists and turns which had me looking for the answer every which way that make this a stand out book mind you at times I wasn t that sure I knew what question I was trying to answer , and I really didn t see the fine details of the denouement coming and it s that attention to detail and those fine details that make this book so good.So, while it s only the beginning of August, and yes I know it s a bit early for handing out gongs but The Racketeer is odds on favourite for my book of the year well at least so far.PS I recommended The Racketeer to the Memsahib, and she s enjoying it, so that must be worth at least another star making this a six star read.

  10. Fastman Fastman says:

    Only read one of Grishams before now the firm And while I enjoyed the firm immensely, I feel this one is better.The firm slowly but only slightly ,declined as it went on in my opinion.Where as this one is solidly good throughout its entirety.The storyline is excellent and the characters , while few , are interesting and well described.I personally usually prefer fantasy and sword and sorcery type books.But like to read a thriller by Grisham or King now and again to keep things fresh.All round a solid book that I enjoyed and would happily recommend to a friend.

  11. A Scary Man A Scary Man says:

    Nothing went wrong for the protagonist at any point He was never close to failure or in any danger Everything he attempted worked perfectly A throwaway line at the end regarding how he couldn t believe his luck didn t even begin to cover it.I felt for him at the beginning due to being wrongly imprisoned and cut off from his family, but as the book went on he became steadily less and less likeable and relatable No particular reason was given for his quasi omnipotence If it was that easy to con your way out of prison and run around North Central America giving the FBI the finger, why aren t people doing it The book pretty much lost all momentum around the 30 40% mark and never really regained it The gradual reveal sort of worked but there was only one point where I found myself genuinely unsure whether the protagonist was an anti hero or a genuine villain Ultimately I didn t care who killed the judge or whether Mal Max s scheme worked There wasn t a bad guy or antagonistic force to speak of.I wasn t surprised by the author s note at the end where JG admitted he hadn t really done any research It showed.Also the tagline on the front makes little sense The protagonist wasn t betrayed by the FBI as far as I could tell And he didn t particularly seem motivated by revenge, but rather greed The FBI got what they wanted in the end the killer of the judge.