books pdf The D-Day Visitor's Handbook: Your Guide to the Normandy Battlefields and WWII Paris [Idioma Inglés] –

The Complete Guide To Visiting One Of The Most Famous Sites In The History Of Warfare, Just In Time For The Th Anniversary Of D Day The D Day Visitor S Handbook Includes Everything You Need To Know To Plan And Make Your Visit To The Site Of The Biggest Seaborne Invasion In History Newly Updated And Revised In Time For The Th Anniversary Of The Battle, This Compact Guidebook Not Only Describes The Most Significant Land Invasion Of World War II, But Provides Detailed Battlefield Maps And Tours, Identifies Monuments And Attractions, And Locates Museums And Historical Sites To Make Your Planning Easier And Less Stressful This Guide Provides Everything You Need Ahead Of Your Visit, Including Easy To Follow Maps And Tours Where To Stay, Dine, And Shop Lists Of The Best D Day Museums How To Find War Relics Still At The Battlefield Sites Historical Context For Each Site, Including A Description Of Military Action There A Special Bonus Guide To World War II History And Sites In Paris The D Day Visitor S Handbook Contains A Wealth Of Detailed Information That Is Perfect For Those Considering Travelling To France, Anyone About To Visit These Sites, Veterans, Students Of Military History, And Any Others Who Wish To Learn About The History Of This Legendary Battle NOTA El Libro No Est En Espa Ol, Sino En Ingl S ok Dennehy and Powers have hit their stride in this new guide to Normandy battlefields In contrast to the no less important, but far flung and comparatively inaccessible battlefields of the Pacific or the Eastern Front, Normandy provides an accessible and enjoyable location for tourists who want to grasp the scale and ferocity of the Second World War as only a visit to the actual places where events unfolded can provide The authors have done a great service, providing variety and context for the visitor to Normandy This work isn t simply a surface level list of the famous places everyone knows the landing beaches, Sainte M re Eglise, Pointe du Hoc but digs deeper to uncover little known sites and events that influenced the battle just as profoundly The authors are historians and there is a good dose of history in this book But it is far from dry, with a fast moving narrative style, sticking to key details and providing context that adds texture and meaning to every site and event Helpful maps and directions guide the way through the patchwork of country roads and small villages that make up Normandy For those with families the authors helpfully include other attractions of a non military nature with something for just about every interest One of the features I really liked was the list of movies perfect for the complete historical novice and suggested readings that will give greater depth and meaning to your visit Not to be missed are the suggestions for dining in Normandy which is not only the site of an epic historical battle but also home to one of the world s great cuisines I really can t recommend this book highly enough I plan to visit Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D Day and I m going to have this book with me every step of the way A great personal guidebook for the Normandy invasion beaches and nearby towns