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A detailed, engrossing collection of insights into what unfinished means and the history behind it The different perspectives offered brought together a considerable body and range of expertise, with matching illustrations As a book production, it was also attractive in binding and presentation. Loved the show, like the book too. My boyfriend cried when he got this because it was his favorite art exhibit he s ever been to Super well done book full of content One of my most treasured experience, and the book is a terrific expression of the exhibit. A Groundbreaking Investigation Into The Evolving Concept Of The Unfinished, From The Renaissance To The Present Day This Groundbreaking Book Explores The Evolving Concept Of Unfinishedness As Essential To Understanding Art Movements From The Renaissance To The Present Day Unfinished Features Than Works, Created In A Variety Of Media, By Artists Ranging From Leonardo, Titian, Rembrandt, Turner, And Cezanne To Picasso, Warhol, Twombly, Freud, Richter, And Nauman What Unites These Works, Across Centuries And Media, Is That Each One Displays Some Aspect Of Being Unfinished Essays And Case Studies By Major Contemporary Scholars Address This Key Concept From The Perspective Of Both The Creator And The Viewer, Probing The Impact That This Long Artistic Trajectory Which Can Be Traced Back To The First Century Has Had On Modern And Contemporary Art The Book Explores The Degrees To Which Instances Of Incompleteness Were Accidental Or Intentional, Experimental Or Conceptual Also Included Are Illuminating Interviews With Contemporary Artists, Including Tuymans, Celmins, And Marden, And Parallel Considerations Of The Unfinished In Literature And Film The Result Is A Multidisciplinary Approach And Thought Provoking Analysis That Provide Valuable Insight Into The Making, Meaning, And Critical Reception Of The Unfinished In Art