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I think that Anne Bront was really brave to dare writing such a book and she deserves being better known The story she describes and what the main female character does was rare and nearly untnhinkable for a women in those times. Before I talk about the book I want to say a word about choosing which edition to read A number of different versions are offered but confusingly shows all the reviews together This is a problem across all products, not just books, and it is one they would do well to address.I see some reviews that mention bad typeset and bad re translation Another problem with this book is that the most common version available is the butchered one released after the author s death I recommend reading the full version, which starts with the letter To J Halford, Esq I have attached a picture of the cover of the book I read, which has the complete version, but I do recommend looking inside before you buy to be certain.Now to the book itself It is a good read with well drawn characters It is refreshing to see such a strong, independent heroine in a book of the era She creates the story of her life rather than letting it happen to her She does have her flaws and is rather too prickly, outspoken and self sufficient As we are introduced to her you can understand why her new neighbours find her difficult and an overprotective mother As the book progresses though you can sympathise with how she got this way.The action is moved forward by the heroine While the hero would choose to be a man of action, his heroic qualities lie in restraining his impulses and avoiding making a bad situation worse This is difficult for him because he is an impulsive man He fumbles through the book, misunderstanding and over reacting In the end though, he is the hero because he has a good heart as well as a good mind, and unlike the villains thinks of others rather than following his own selfish impulses. Libro imprescindible para mi carrera universitaria La novela es buena, un cl sico de la literatura victoriana, sobre una tem tica que no ha perdido actualidad Pero la edicin es horrible Cada vez que aparece la palabra book pone e book Brother in law sec conviefrte en brother in regulation El t rmino spherical aparece en cada p rrafo sin que tenga que ver con el contexto Es una verg enza que cobre 2 ,99 por esta edici n Si quiere leer la novela que, sin duda, vale la pena , puede descargarla gratuitamente de diversas plataformas y sin errores que arruinen la lectura. Very poor like a translation from a foreign language Words like kids and buddy were not used by Anne Bronte Here is a sample from chapter 1, Of path, my pricey Poor component How lonely she have to sense Anne Bronte wrote, Of course, my dear Poor thing How lonely she must feel I d like my money back, please. For me Anne is the most realistic of the three Bronte sisters Emily is too over the top melodramatic for my taste and I find Charlotte a little too smug She is on record as being rather dismissive of Anne s work after the fashion of an older sibling pooh poohing the efforts of a younger one It needs to be remembered that Anne had wider experience of teaching as a governess and dealing with her pupils parents than had either of her sisters This placed her in the position of being able to observe how a certain class of people behaved Although both she and Emily write about alcoholism, no doubt as a consequence of their experiences with their brother Branwell, whereas Emily is content to use it as just another means to spice up the melodrama, Anne deals with it in a much thought provoking fashion that is as relevant today as it was to the age in which she lived and wrote.Anne does not waste words Line after line her impeccable English strikes home inspiring the reader to read on and on She has the knack of entwining description, narrative and conversation that is not always apparent even in such great writers as Dickens Unlike Dickensian characters, which often come across as caricatures rather than as real people, Anne Bronte creates real life people for the reader and I do not think that any writer does that better than she as good, maybe, but never better Whereas Emily is melodramatic and Jane sometimes a little too smug, Anne is never like any of that Anne does not indulge in dramatic licence she gives us the real thing Some readers may not like her approach, but some of us certainly do, and I get the impression that Anne would fit in better in this day and age than would either of her sisters Anne understood the real truth of what it means to be a woman and, through her powerful, but compassionate, character Helen Graham, she epitomises all that is best about womanhood.The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is a timeless work as relevant to the world of today as it was to the day and age in which it was composed Only a woman of immense courage and integrity would have dared to compose such a work in the climate that prevailed when Anne was alive If a young woman in her twenties could write with such lucidity and insight, what might we now have from her pen had she lived into old age instead of dying tragically of TB when she was only twenty nine We shall never know But what we do have of her work marks her out as one of the greatest writers of all time. Great novel to sit and read on dark winter evenings I haven t finished it yet but Anne Bronte writes a story full of suspense and tension The characters are powerful and mysterious bearing in mind that this is an early English novel written at a time when people didn t have the same understanding of human psychology that we have now this is a remarkable piece of writing Also, the fact that the Brontes lived isolated lives up on the wild and windy moors makes this even so It is great to go back to the classics once in a while and get immersed in a great story. This book reads as if it has been translated from Mandarin by a robot totally bizarre experience trying to read it and I had to return it for a refund Buy the Penguin edition instead, it s in English English. A powerful novel of expectation, love, oppression, sin, religion and betrayal Daily Mail When the mysterious and beautiful young widow Helen Graham becomes the new tenant at Wildfell Hall rumours immediately begin to swirl around her As her neighbour Gilbert Markham comes to discover, Helen has painful secrets buried in her past that even his love for her cannot easily overcome Courageous and controversial The Times One of the BBC sNovels That Shaped Our World VINTAGE CLASSICS BRONTE SERIES beautiful editions, three iconic stories, three extraordinary women This excellent book could almost have been written as a treatise for the Christian faith and about alcoholism It is also a cautionary tale about marrying in haste, out of impetuous desire, without weighing the true character of the man or woman you are to marry But it isn t just this, of course it also has a good plot, a happy ending and is beautifully written.