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This book is a wonderful expansion of what we saw on Television , but works just as well if you have never seen it as all the best Target novelisations did back in the day This is a fine addition to that great tradition.It is not only a page turning read, it is by turns very , very funny and heart s stoppingly sad did you count them and the bittersweet tale of the Osgoods in particular.Thoroughly recommended to any Who fan and to those just looking for a great read. So I enjoy watching Doctor Who Yes Do I enjoy reading Doctor Who Yes So this is a biased review I got this book as it s one of my favourite nuWho stories and wanted to see if any explanation of asides in the story would be expanded Did I get that, yes and no It does expand aspects of the story but it also snips nuts back to, which make it a slightly different but no less entertaining read The concept used in the book to tell the story is very original it helps keep the story strong and allows there to be multiple narrator s which is excellent.Highly recommended. Discover the newDoctor Who classics When the entire universe is at stake, three different Doctors will unite to save it The Tenth Doctor is hunting shape shifting Zygons in Elizabethan England The Eleventh is investigating a rift in space time in the present day And one other the man they used to be but never speak of is fighting the Daleks in the darkest days of the Time War Driven by demons and despair, this battle scarred Doctor is set to take a devastating decision that will threaten the survival of the entire universe a decision that not even a Time Lord can take alone On this day, the Doctor s different incarnations will come together to save the Earth to save the universe and to save his soul NOTA El libro no est en espa ol, sino en ingl s Incredibly well written, very humourous, and adds a lot to the backstory of the The Day of the Doctor episode.If you re a River Song fan in particular, you 100% need to read this book, as there are some fantastic flashbacks involving her. Great little read I voraciously read through my copy within a day and I expect to go back and re read.Very knowingly written by an author who understands his episode, his characters and the importance of the story.If you aren t a fan of Moffat s episode style, maybe give this book a miss as it occasionally tries to be too clever and meta Additionally, the final twist involves the use of a Doctor who hadn t even appeared onscreen for a proper episode at the time of publication, a step I feel too far.Those are caveats BUT I won t deny really enjoying this story which is well worth the read, going beyond the events of the episode itself to really justify its adaptation. Everybody mentions Moffat s timey wimey tendencies, but even something like Blink has less temporal jiggery pokery than the average episode of his sitcom Coupling had.Here however, he absolutely shreds the timeline and point of view of his own 50th anniversary special the way that you can just tell he d always wanted to If you thought the episode was a bit run of the mill, the novelisation is a far better tribute to the tricksier type of Doctor Who. I ve read 4 of the new Target novels and this is my favourite just pipping Rose Steven adds so much and messes with the structure so much it feels a bit like a proper novel than a Target but that s not a criticism A novelisation plus Lovely book, got to understand much the intent behind Moffatts and Smith s portrayal of the 11th doctor, detailing intent and a bit backstory in anecdotal form to really add depth to the one off special.I loved it, definitely going to read in the series. If you aren t a fan of Steven Moffat, this book will not change your mind If, like me, you are a fan, this is a gloriously playful, funny, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey love letter to the show.Not having grown up with the Target Novelisations, I was a bit wary of buying this I have seen The Day of The Doctor countless times I saw it in 3D on the 50th Anniversary So I was wondering what a novelization could add Well, this isn t a straight novelizationno sir This dances and performs pirouettes around the original story It turns story into an epistolary novel It plays with perspective It gives all of the the Doctors their moments in the sun It deepens the horror around the Zygons It puts us inside the head of Osgood thus setting up the relationship from The Zygon Invasion in the Capaldi era It goes to places and includes characters that weren t in the original episode.And it is achingly funny And just a little bit sad in places The coda left a little tear in my eye happy sad.I don t know if Steven Moffat has any plans to do prose work either novelisations or original work , but if he does it is an immediate buy for me. I loved watching Day of the Doctor at the cinema I thought it was the THE best anniversary present ever Everything about it was right But I think I may love Steven Moffats novelisation I grew up reading the Target books We didn t have DVDs or videos back then and it was the only way to re live past episodes One of the thrills was gleaning information that perhaps hadn t been broadcast in the TV version, normally due to budgetry or time constraints Moffat takes that idea and runs with it This is a very clever book, it s also very, very funny Chapter 9 made me laugh out loud, but the rest of the book had me chuckling throughout The last word in the last chapter bought a year to my eye An absolutely fantastically brilliant love letter to Doctor Who and the fans that have followed her for all these years Probably my favourite Target novelisation, and I ve been collecting them since 1973.