➟ Red Star over Russia:A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 19: A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Death of Stalin descargar gratis ➤ Autor David King – Albawater.co

Great book, very much enjoyed this one Through An Amazing Array Of Posters, Photographs, Paintings, Magazines, Book Jackets, Advertisements, Pamphlets And Other Rare Ephemera, Red Star Over Russia Tells The Story Of The Soviet Union, From The Russian Revolution To The Death Of Stalin During This Period Soviet Citizens Endured Revolutionary Upheavals, Civil War, Nazi Invasion, Famine And Appalling Oppression For Countless Millions, Revolutionary Dreams Were Transformed Into Unspeakable Tragedy Yet It Was Also A Time Of Intense Creativity, In Which The Hopes, Aspirations And Revolutionary Fervour Of A People Were Captured In An Extraordinary Outpouring Of Visual Material Universally Acclaimed On Its Publication In , David King S Masterful Book Is The Fruit Of Over Years Of Research In It, He Rescues Many Of The Unsung Heroes Of The Epic Struggles That Shaped The Soviet Union From Obscurity And Commemorates The Talent Of Some Of The Most Brilliant Artists, Photographers And Designers Of The Twentieth Century A necessary purchase for anyone with a speck of interest in the Soviet era, at least as it was from inception through to the death of Stalin The historical photographs and poster artwork amassed by David King and presented here are often stunning.I especially valued the text and pictures of those defendants in the infamous show trials and the ones of the famous theater director, Meyerhold.Readers should know that the author, David King, writes out of understandable hatred of Stalin and with less understandable acceptance, if not admiration, of Lenin and Trotsky. SO MUCH CAN BE LEARNED ENCOUNTERING THE MATERIAL IN THIS VOLUME THAT HUNDREDS OF PAGES OF HISTORICAL DESCRIPTION CANNOT ACCOMPLISH TRULY BONE CURDLING. A powerful book that opens windows into Soviet Russia from the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 through thirty years of Stalin s reign What the reader sees is both fascinating and horrifying I find myself drawn back to the book over and over again, in part because it is too much, way too much to deal with all at once Stalin s paranoia spared no one The photos of his victims are haunting.Interspersed are full color posters, many in the familiar Soviet Constructivist Agitprop style Seeing these works in this context rather than on the walls of an art gallery or museum exhibition, puts them in an entirely different light Chilling.From the book jacket cover through every page of this book, David King has set the perfect stage for his incredible collection of images The graphic design is superb His text is terse The visual history carries one along like the swell of the revolution itself until it becomes too much to bear.I am thankful the pages can be shut