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Good condition A really good book very interesting and well written I enjoyed the premise Only complaint is that in the novel the main character calls a tick an insect and unfortunately she s wrong And as an entomologist, she should know better. OK A refreshingly subversive take on the stark contrasts between poverty and opulence in South Africa Rose Innes is a master at her craft and her characters wonderfully wayward and original If you liked Eileen by Otessa Moshfegh or JG Ballard s work, you might enjoy Nineveh. Katya Grubbs, like her father before her, deals in the unlovely and unloved Yet in contrast to her father, she is not in the business of pest extermination, but pest relocation Katya s unconventional approach brings her to the attention of a property developer whose luxury estate on the fringes of Cape Town, Nineveh, remains uninhabited thanks to an infestation of mysterious insects As Katya is drawn ever deeper into the chaotic urban wilderness of Nineveh, she must confront unwelcome intrusions from her own past A masterful novel exploring the tensions between the natural and man made worlds the impossibility of imposing order on an organic landscape and the beautiful chaos of nature