Free eBook Puro Amor (Quarternote Chapbook)Author Sandra Cisneros –

Sandra Cisneros has a fondness for animals and this little gem of a story makes that abundantly clear La casa azul, the cobalt blue residence of Mister and Missus Rivera, overflows with hairless dogs, monkeys, a fawn, a passionate Guacamaya macaw, tarantulas, an iguana, and rescues that resemble ancient Olmec pottery Missus loves the rescues most because their eyes were filled with grief She takes lavish care of her husband too, a famous artist, though her neighbors insist he has eyes for other women He s spoiled He s a fat toad She cannot reject him because love is like that No matter how much it bites, we enjoy and admire the scars Thus, the generous creatures pawing her belly, sleeping on her pillow, and kneeling outside her door like the adoring Magi before the just born Christ This beautiful chapbook is bi lingual and contains several illustrations line drawings by Cisneros herself

6 thoughts on “Puro Amor (Quarternote Chapbook)

  1. Marian Marian says:

    I really enjoyed this tale of a wife in the shadows who we now know about than the famous husband all because famous women began to collect her artwork.

  2. Kathy Ortiz Kathy Ortiz says:

    Me gust.


    It was ok

  4. Margaret E Giraldo Margaret E Giraldo says:

    Joyful and poignant.

  5. Reina Moreno Reina Moreno says:

    Always enjoying and being able to relate to her work..

  6. maribel cisneros maribel cisneros says:

    everything Sandra Cisneros writes is awesome